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Jan 4, 2004
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Not in Amsterdam :)
Een pakketje schroot met een dun laagje chroom


Harebrained, from Not in Amsterdam :)

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Jan 6, 2018
    1. We Man
      We Man
      Jij ben ook een Tolkien fan hé? Dat zie ik zo!
    2. Beldaran
      Hee Tur!

      Wat aardig dat je even een bericht stuurt! Onder omstandigheden gaat het gelukkig goed, maar het is al sinds april allemaal een beetje nare boel. Maar komt goed, ik wil graag weer meedoen! De dagelijkse tff updates lukken me al maanden niet :p, maar ik heb nu met emerlas afgesproken om via e-mail contact te houden, dan weet ik op tijd wanneer ik moet gaan beoordelen enzo. Kan ik toch nog een beetje tff meepakken ;).

      Hoe gaat het met jou?
    3. Beldaran
      Aahh ik ben jaloers, heel erg leuk! Heel veel plezier! En ik neem aan dat Lowlands ook sociaal is, of ga je in je tentje zitten apaten ;)? Geniet ervan!
    4. Beldaran
      Hee Tur!! Leuk dat je me even herinnert! Volgens mij had ik ongeveer een maand geleden nog gepost in dat topic dat ik nog steeds wilde! En dat is nog steeds zo haha. Ik heb alleen niet heel veel tijd/zin om momenteel op tff te zitten aangezien ik wat lastige/vervelende persoonlijke omstandigheden heb momenteel. Maar verhalen lezen en die beoordelen maak ik tijd voor! Ik zal meteen even bijlezen en reageren op het topic. Hoe gaat het met jou?
    5. Oddrun
      Ahahaha, that's so adorable, Tur, thank you! :) Sleep tight! It's 18:30 over here, still have a few hours to go.
    6. Oddrun
      It's Luis and I didn't tell him about TFF so feel free to give me compliments anytime :D Haha!
    7. Oddrun
      Hahahaha, well, boy + boy is quite adorable but if I ever mentioned participating it wasn´t really serious :p
    8. Oddrun
      What? WHAT? No way, no waaaaay. Honestly, you must be confusing me with someone else. I'm pretty sure I never mentioned any fantasies like that. Or at least not seriously. I think... :P Do you have any proof I could look at? I'm quite shocked :p Is it possible I said something like that? That would be... quite curious xD
      But seriously - nope, I'm not really that "not boring", I don't think I would have it in me to try something like that. I mean, I do lots of exciting things with my bf, no boredom there, none at all, trust me. And I'm open to try many new things. But that's it. No more people allowed :D
    9. Oddrun
      Ahahaha, well, I won't deny it, he can handle a snake all right xD
      But which fantasy is it you're talking about? I can recall quite a few you might mean, lol ;D
      Oh, and when answering the question I was thinking in general, not only about the current relationship I'm in :p
    10. Oddrun
      "... what happened to your fantasy thingy you were always on about?" - what? I've never fantasized about having to share my man with anyone else, certainly not :p
    11. Emerlas
      thanks Tur
    12. Emerlas
      Hi Tur,
      can we please be friends?
    13. PerFolmer
      I sure will! Thanks so far!
    14. PerFolmer
      It's all very odd. I think I saw it in the Neue Nationalgalerie which is pretty strange. I'll check with one of my old classmates from art school about it.
      It seems I've dug a deep pit for myself here. Your knowledge of this piece is very interesting though, thank you for the information!
    15. PerFolmer
      Ah, Dürer! Yes, thank you I remember that name. I'm really uncertain because I can't really remember the name of the exhibition.
      There was a lot of still life art of pelts and rifles etc, so maybe it was a joint display with different artists.
      Could I be mistaken about seeing Dürers hare there? Yet why would it else so strongly pull me towards that exhibition?
      I'm sorry, I have to research this more!
    16. anonymous
      its a book ;)

      And it exists - officially.
    17. anonymous
      so, you were historian right; as I said I can send you my grandads book - with the baltic flag :) +/- series material
    18. Oddrun
      Haha, my evil plan worked ;D
      No idea what happened to the crash course in Chile (was I really going to take one? I don't remember ever having such plans! : O). I know though that I was supposed to go back to Argentina on the 19th of march but discovered that only one of the courses was starting in march and it was the one I didn't want to take (colonial poetry, wtf?). So then the plan was to go back on the 10th of april but I realised that the course that starts in april only took four days and then I was about to have 6 free weeks so I decided to stay longer in Mexico, search for some books I could use for my thesis (which probably is going to be about mexican crime novels from the 40s) and well, yes, enjoy my boyfriend a bit more ;) It's a bummer though that I definitely have to leave Mexico on 30th of may and have no idea if I'll be able to come back at some point. So basically the relationship might not last past me going away. But oh well, it was still worth it :)
    19. Oddrun
      Whoa! That sounds seriously wrong. But then again, you haven't been around much lately, have you? That means you're to blame :p Also you missed my newest picture in the picture of yourself thread and lots and lots of pics of other peeps who post like crazy these days.
      How's your life going btw? Anything new?
      My 2-months stay in Mexico turned into a 5-months stay... I'm quite enjoying myself here :)
    20. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Alas, RL is no respecter of internet priorities! XD Such is life.... no worries. I'm glad to see you found a little time to stop in and see us though. :)
      There are a few new things around TFF I suppose. JNK is notably absent lately and Jim's girlfriend joined. Her username is "Moo Guru" and she's awesome. :) Jim posted the other day that he had his last cancer treatment...yay! "Perfolmer" is a newbie who is an amazing artist and it looks like Greybeard is about to self-publish a lot of stuff soon. :) Also: Liv got herself a bearded dragon! As for me, I'm pretty busy in RL right now too. Work has become crazy busy and so have things at home. I have to quit taking on new stuff.. there just aren't enough hours in the day. XD
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    Not in Amsterdam :)
    Een pakketje schroot met een dun laagje chroom
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