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Jan 27, 2011
Apr 22, 2009
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Thy Fearful Symmetry

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Jan 27, 2011
    1. Artisteri
      Thanks again, I shall be posting up some writing, which I hope people will enjoy :D
    2. Priv8eye
      Glad to see you back and glad to hear thats alls OK. A short mope is ok sometimes but it can get unhealthy if ti goes on too long - even if there are good reasons for it.
      did think of you yesterday when answering a post on good writers and had to mention Bradbury on your behalf :)
    3. Senekha
      Hey, hope it's going ok!!
    4. Artisteri
      Thanks for the welcome! And aye, the great classics. One of the most beautiful poems! <3
    5. Raraldor
      lol I thought so, I had to memorize that for school, its a pretty good peom I think
    6. Raraldor
      hey is your name from a poem?
    7. Ilaelin
      Oh, thank you TFS! *hugs* I didn't not see that since I've been away all week! I've had two sick little ones and now I'm not feeling so well either! So, have they said how many episodes DT will be in before they bring in the new Doctor? And will the SJ Chronicles coincide with all of this? I'm very sad to see DT go but I am very curious to see what in store!

      I'll be on holiday for the next week. We are going camping in Colorado but may have access to WiFi or maybe I'll get lucky and my cell phone will work there! If I don't see you this week have a great weekend and enjoy the week! Take care and thank you again for the link! :D
    8. Black Tattoo
      Black Tattoo
      LOL - okay! :)

      Now if I just had the time.... - LOL
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