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Dec 24, 2009
Jun 11, 2009
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A frosty land bereft of magic (also known as Scotl
Nothing of import.


Don't mess with me, from A frosty land bereft of magic (also known as Scotl

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Dec 24, 2009
    1. Springheeled Jack
      Springheeled Jack
      Hey pal. Sorry to hear about your recent woes. I've had scumbags infiltrate my home so I know what you're going through. It's not a good situation. At least you've got your 360 to while away the hours, though. It ain't much consolation, but I suppose it's better than nothing.:(
    2. A Soul So Dark
      A Soul So Dark
      Are you still on this forum? Not that it matters a great deal, but it would be nice to exchange a bit of banter with someone who's already experienced the joys of puberty and has enough dignity never to use the word 'pwn'......
    3. Ilaelin
      Ok, I am a pitiful excuse for a friend. We miss each other on xbox and here. Well I'm hardly here so I guess that's my fault. But I'm kind of afraid with all these emo young ones!

      I know what you mean about different consoles we havc so many issues and it just ends up costing more money. I have an elite so I'm hoping that stays in tact for a while longer or you too will hear my screams from here!

      Oh, not Battlefield too! That sucks bad. Hey we can play some coop Modern Warfare 2...that's if we are ever on at the same time! :D
    4. anonymous
    5. anonymous
      ok ;( another one.. leaves..
      i`ll have fun :)

      ok so another goodbye - have a good time :p
    6. anonymous
      hey wanna join my guild :) ?
    7. anonymous
      you wanna be cat? cause im tarting a cat guild
    8. anonymous
      yeah i totally love it :)
    9. anonymous
      thats me.. what can weirdo
    10. anonymous
      i think both......
      yeah..we will. and i will may half evil/good comrade
    11. anonymous
      good :) ahh to bad you didnt knew musky.. he was simular to you :)
    12. anonymous
      rum ... beer it the God of alchocol
    13. anonymous
      yeah the same... but if you wanna join evil side.. :D
    14. anonymous
      both..... in sort of way... >.> :D

      and yes im think/thought im RPG guy in this forum.. :) os if you show any interest.. but 1st i`ll live into
    15. anonymous
    16. Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Quite. Indeed. And so forth.
    17. Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Everything's my fault. I'm bad to the bone.
    18. Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      You can say that again. Red Ring of Death! Wooooaaaah!!!!
    19. Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Don't worry about it - happens to the best of us. It's an easy mistake to make.:tool:
    20. Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      I've got all the achievements, but I still keep playing. I got to level 10 on MW2 and then gave up. It sucks big time. I may dip in now and then, but until Battlefield: Bad Company 2 comes out I'll be spending my time on 1943. You just get a better class of player.
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    A frosty land bereft of magic (also known as Scotl
    Nothing of import.
    A maudlin malcontent, I meander morosely through a multitude of morbid misadventures, mostly of my own making.

    Sci-fi, fantasy (if it's not generic), writing, and staring at the sky.


    Your superior weaponry is no match for our puny intellect.​