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Feb 26, 2010
Jul 15, 2009
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The fearful recesses of your imagination
I'm on the lookout for a wealthy woman with low st

Springheeled Jack

Lurking in the shadows, from The fearful recesses of your imagination

Springheeled Jack was last seen:
Feb 26, 2010
    1. Prince_Kheldar
      Woot, you're online?
    2. Prince_Kheldar
      Hehe, well I'm sorry, but sometimes I have to sleep too... Well, I hope you got some sleep in the end!
    3. Prince_Kheldar
      Ah, well goodnight to you, and may the alcohol bring you good dreams. See you!
    4. Prince_Kheldar
      That,s a nice goal. It,s doable and it,s about creating something because you want it, and not because it,s about money and glory etc.

      I hope you make it :)
    5. Prince_Kheldar
      That,s how it is with me too, I mostly write short stories because I lose interest if it,s too long, and never seem to end.
      So, what do you write? Mysteries, fantasy?
    6. Prince_Kheldar
      Why thank you, it is very nice of you to say that, even without knowing my writing skills^^

      What about you? Write anything?
    7. Prince_Kheldar
      Aw, thank you for all that^^
      However, I,m not sure I have what it takes to write a proper one. I,m doing a... very, very classic one. I,ve been looking up mystery cliches and red herrings for days, and I am trying to squeeze in as many as possible. Guess who,s the murderer! That,s right, it,s the butler xD
    8. Prince_Kheldar
      I love murder mysteries. Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Elizabeth George, almost everything. Both books and audio plays/books. And tv programmes too.
      I,m actually writing a murder mystery myself now :D -I,m hoping to use it for school.
    9. Prince_Kheldar
      I don,t listen much to the radio, only when there,s a mystery audio play on. I don,t care for what I believe is the popular music of my time.
    10. Prince_Kheldar
      I lost the drvers to mine, and I,m too lazy to be bothered finding new ones. I have a cam on my school laptop though, but I don,t like it, so I don,t use it.
      Sometimes anonymous is better. It,s kind of like when we talked about the movies; it wouldn,t be as fun reading about Silk (and the others) if hollywood has replaced the image I have of him.
    11. Prince_Kheldar
      That might work, I have a picture to prove it. I was talking to a guy on web cam, he drank some, and he fell asleep. It was rather amusing. :p
    12. Prince_Kheldar
      Insomnia, huh... Know all about it. It,s the reason I,m up now too.
      Well, not really, but its the reason I will be in about an hour. :p
    13. Prince_Kheldar
      Lol, you still up?
    14. Prince_Kheldar
      Hey, we cannot agree on everything. That would be strange.

      Alright, good night Jack!
    15. Prince_Kheldar
      I like the lotr movies. Then again, I watched them before I read the books.
      And yes, I am very thankful that has not yet happened. I do like a good movie, but the Belgariad and The Mallorean are the series I love most of all, and I would quite simply not stand it if hollywood were to take away my impression of the characters. It would be awful.
    16. Prince_Kheldar
      Oh, the 80s. I love watching movies from that time, the boys are so hot. Ugh, sorry.

      Mmmyeah. I hate that people don,t read nowadays. I don,t have a single friend in rl that reads books. When I ask people if they think it,s sad that Jackson left out Tom Bombadil when he made the LOTR movies, they just look at me like I was an alien.
    17. Prince_Kheldar
      Oh, don,t be shocked (that,s right, my appostrophe is dead), on the internet, age is nothing unless you,re a sick pedo perv. Be flattered that your personality makes me happy ;)

      And yes, Eddings writes well. And it makes me sad to see how few people actually know his work! And that people don,t want to give it a try anymore, because of Twilight and all that other modern hype. -I,m not gonna go and say it,s bad stuff, just because I,m not a fan, but It makes me sad that so few my age, that I know of, is into real fantasy anymore. -though, that may be because most people I know isn,t into books at all :(
    18. Prince_Kheldar
      I dont know who he is, I will google him as soon as I get back on my main computer...

      I say, if it wasnt for the fact that you are almost twenty years older than me, I would jump you right now ;) Eddings is my favourite author, any day, anyday. I have read A Game Of Thrones, and I own A Clash Of Kings, never read it yet though. I think it was okay, but it is most definitely not the greatest within fantasy.
    19. Prince_Kheldar
      Naww... to me you will always look like aragorn. regardless of how you really look. unless I find out.

      and I,ll stop that now.

      So, whatcha reading?
    20. Prince_Kheldar
      Aww, the wild man look! Please tell me you have hair that goes with it... :D
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    The fearful recesses of your imagination
    I'm on the lookout for a wealthy woman with low st
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