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Jul 15, 2011
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Sep 30, 2011
    1. wanderingmagus
      what languages do you consider more difficult? I could teach you spanish or japanese if you like :D

      no that's completely ok! :) I'm about to board a plane to go to college myself. oh the education system, you always make me cry :rolleyes: :p
    2. wanderingmagus
      Cantonese is the southern chinese dialect, from Guanzhou, or more commonly Guangdong; originally called "Canton" by the british imperialists. It's also the second-most spoken dialect of chinese in the world, with most of the chinese immigrants to america able to speak it. however, since the capital of China is Beijing, in northern china, the "official" dialect of China is Mandarin, and that's the dialect I'm taking a class for. So, if you see someone speaking chinese on tv, it's probably mandarin, and if you go down to Chinatown, it's probably Cantonese. I consider myself pretty fluent in Cantonese, since I've been speaking it since I knew how to talk. I remember having to LEARN english :rolleyes:. But there's always more to learn, obviously.

      well, hopefully you'll get the school you want :D
    3. wanderingmagus
      hw is tedious, but not too difficult :) I already speak Cantonese, which has three more tones than mandarin, so I guess the speaking part isn't that hard.

      So, left, but with intent to return? :)
    4. wanderingmagus
      oh, just a lot of hanzi writing, reading practice, fill in the blanks, etc. you know, like english class, except in chinese :P

      oo, "left"? as in graduated? or as in, "screw all this!"? :D
    5. Snoopsie
      I'm assuming no one likes Peanuts then?
    6. Black Tattoo
      Black Tattoo
      Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend! :devilbat:
    7. wanderingmagus
      Hi! just checking up on my subscribed threads, doing some chinese hw, drawing, random stuff :p How about you? :)
    8. Snoopsie
      Of course! I just added you! :)
    9. wanderingmagus
      hello! may we be friends? :)
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