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Jan 23, 2012
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Sep 6, 2012
    1. Emelie
      Yeah, must be really interesting, but damn that person must be mentally damaged haha. Think of living in a world where everything changes and dies and you live on. In the end that person would be like a zombie or something :O But I can't say I haven't thought about it :D but as a vampireeeee mwhahahaaa
    2. Emelie
      Nice! Aahh eternal life, unless someone squishes you. Wonder if the scientists have started the research on how to apply that to humans yet haha. That would be nice, but i would like to keep my human shape though :D
      And now I have learned something today ^^ always fun.
    3. Emelie
      Interesting facts *shuts window and starts to nail the door shut so I can't ever go out again*
      Jeez, there so many interesting insects and animals out there, and some are unbelievable! I'm just happy we dont have any dangerous ones here :D we have a snake that is venomous, and that's about it.

      Well if you think you are a strong person, you probably are! The brain usually have a bigger effect than you'd think =)
    4. Emelie
      Haha good I can be of help :D
      Doesn't sound like a good thing, if it kept you upp all night, that sucks :/ but hopefully you'll sleep like a baby this night!
      Well that's interesting, did you learn anything good? The worthless things are usually the most fun ones :D
    5. Emelie
      Aw, that doesn't sound so nice, long night then, how do you manage to stay awake? haha Is it work that keeps you up?
      I'm doing fine, can't really sleep, i've totally screwed up my sleep schedule - _ - Good thing I dont have school tomorrow.
    6. Emelie
      Wow someone else awake besides me, but I guess it's because you are in a different time zone :D
      Whats up?
    7. Foinikas
      Hello my horror games fellow-lover!Welcome to the forum!What's up? :P
    8. Conquer
      Welcome to TFF!! ;D
    9. Emelie
      I'm not sure if I should say you're lucky you don't get snow or not haha. But the summers sound like hell! At least here we usually get a nice 25-30c.
      The snow messes everything up though, all the trains stop and buses get stuck, every year the train-companies are like "oh what a surprise, it snowed!" and they cancel all the trains so I cant get to school - _ - So I'm just happy it only snowed twice this winter.

      Oh new Zealand is one of the places I would love to go to as well, lovely nature. and of course where the lord of the rings movies were filmed :D Germany can be really interesting, and England as well! Cool that you have family in South Korea, then it's fun to go there and experience everything the land has to offer, and see the relatives as well.
      Yeah, every country has something special to show for, just hope one gets the opportunities to visit all the places :) I've only been to Denmark and Turkey so far. But both are wonderful countries!
    10. Emelie
      Aww, but Dark brotherhood rules. Really? I found Oblivions mainquest really great, I enjoyed closing the oblivion-gates. Haven't finished Skyrims mainquest so I can't really say what I think about it yet, but it cant be other than good. Yes shivering isles was really good. One's got to love Sheogorath.

      The weather here in Sweden right now is cold, and snowy... Right now I just want summer and lots of sun. The nature, and Sweden in general is lovely though, all year around. Definitely a country worth visiting haha. Most pictures you will see of sweden is either landscapes with red little wooden houses (typically swedish), or the big cities. And all the pictures I personally got are either of snow or forests haha :D
      How are things in Vegas? America is a country I've always wanted to visit some day, it's expensive as hell to go there though. Most places I want to visit are, Except for Scotland, which I hope I will get to visit some day soon! Any places in particular you want to visit?
    11. Emelie
      Well I do hope you get along here, I'm a quite new member as well, but I think everyone's been really nice so far. But of course there will always be some squabbling in forums :) I've left horrible forums in the past, because of the horrible environment there, but this feels good!
      Nice, sword and shield! Haven't used that many swords in Skyrim yet, but I loved the 2handed in oblivion :) You must have finished playing really fast then haha
      I always play either Mage or assassin. So my first character was a destruction mage, and then I felt like going all in for the Dark brotherhood quests, which I love, so I made an assassin, haven't gotten around to play her yet though - _ - Must get some time off first haha. *longing for vacation*
    12. Emelie
      Nice! And Skyrim is always good to share, everyone should get to play it :D
      I haven't had too much time to play Skyrim since it was released, which is a shame since I waited for the next Elder Scrolls game for years after I finished Oblivion.
      What class and weapons do you prefer in the games? Do you mind if I befriend you ? :)
    13. Emelie
      Yes, how impolite of me not to say hello the first time I was here haha. :D Hello on you too :) You enjoy Skyrim?
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