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Sep 6, 2012
Jan 23, 2012
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Sep 6, 2012
    1. Sevi
      Haha! Thank you! Although until we reach -1000 nothing is over!! I dont trust those boys they could do anything to win! >.<
    2. Emelie
      Hahaha, i AM studying xD im multitasking, trying to find different laws to back up my paper by ^^ see you at 16, have a nice run
    3. Emelie
      You online and sneaking in the men vs women thread :O
    4. Emelie
      What are you saying :O You didn't like that last song I sent you!? I will start spamming you with lots of Emilie autumn and Panic! at the disco now...
    5. Emelie
      Caaaaaaaan't studyyyy :( *throws everything out window*...
    6. Emelie
      Mules are never scary xD *shakes head at scaring attempt*
    7. Emelie
      Whaaaat, no turtle xD? Aw crap that's exactly what I wanted! But I loved the drawing! But now I really want to see a dragon :O
    8. Emelie
      Hahahaha, yeah that comment just made my day! Tiiiny waterfall ^^, It was hard getting to sleep though, goddamn neighbours woke up just when i went to bed - _ -
      And 15 year old can have lots to talk about in letters ^^ we sent each other little things as well, it was fun haha.
      Hope you're sleeping well, dreaming about rock formations xD
    9. Emelie
      Rrrrright, there's facebook! Well it's nice you can keep in touch with your brother that way, facebook is useful for something ^^ Hand written letters, wow, haven't done that in ages, but it's probably much more fun really! I think the last time I wrote one of those, it was when I was 15 and it was to a guy who lived in Texas.. Wow, so long time ago. Time moves so fast!
    10. Emelie
      Na my original plan was becoming a psychologist, then I realized it was impossible - _ - even though I had really great grades, and then when I got in to the education I'm on now, which is even my 3rd choice of education, I realized this might even be the best one, and now I wouldn't want anything else ^^, so in the end it worked out perfectly! perhaps it's that thing people talk about... destiny... fate o.O ?

      Wooot, you don't use messenger? :O damn it's getting more and more unpopular, I've come across a couple of people that don't use that any more. But what does one use instead? haha
    11. Emelie
      Really? not for 8 years? damn. Well I'm sometimes too curious than what's good for me :D But it's a really nice name! sounds kinda mysterious. I tried lots of names and ALL were taken, so I just took my real name - _ - I kinda regret it now haha, it's so goddamn boring amongst all the wonderful fantasy names n stuff here on the forums. Otherwise I usually go as Sanguine or Kynareth (got a clue where I got that from ;P)?

      What requirements are there for getting in to that education? And backup plans are always good! I'm on my backup plan that turned in to my first one.. yes confusing :D I was wondering if you wanted to talk on msn or some other if you got that? :)
    12. Emelie
      Yes very hard :( *sobbing* but it must be even harder for you when you forget to ask yourself haha thou must take care of your inner self Silvermune! or everything is lost, everything!
      Okey, law enforcement you say, hope it works out for you then, cause you don't know yet if you're gonna get in?
      Well there need to be people taking care of that as well, think of what the society would be like otherwise :O It's a good career, for non evil people, perhaps your evil stats were lying after all :D

      Yes of course niiice people like you :D zee amazing silvermuuuune! Where did you get that name btw? yes, I might hide my phone for a few weeks, that'll do it for sure :D
    13. Emelie
      Ah that would be perfect, I could earn my living that way, being the village witch :D As long as they don't try and drown me :( Then I really must unleash my evil powers.

      Yeah, she's in a more delicate situation then, I hope it works out for her in some way! n for you as well of course :) And what are you studying?

      Yes indeed, VERY rude, I was sitting here feeling all foreveralone and everything :D Naa, My day has been nice, better than the last few weeks. I finally got a place to have my schools practise, we go on a 15 week practise in about 2 weeks, and I was the last one in my class that hadn't gotten one yet. Very frustrating! But it worked out fine in the end, and I hope it's a good place, since I've worked so hard in finding a place - _ - hello expensive phone bill.. So today I could finally relax and not feel stressed about that. And other than study, I haven't done much really. Those days can be really nice ;P just rotting in front of the computer, talking to nice people.
    14. Emelie
      Haha yeah, but hopefully it wouldn't come to that, but I could definately increase my evil status by trying to throw it on the passing people :D
      okey, so it's morning for you then, here it's 8:30 pm, but not bedtime yet for many hours ;P

      I can't stand tea, which sucks, cause it can be nice with some hot beverages sometime.
      Well of course you are here visiting me in the rehab centre, like the nice fellow TFFer you are :D Naaooo my cola! you can have the one I stashed under the bed. But there's nothing worse than warm cola haha
      What are you up to now? something special planned for today?
    15. Emelie
      No, it would almost be like living in the middle ages :D hahaha but without all the awesome stuff - _ -
      Well good it's not mushy ^^, what time is it over there right now?
      And good you drink water and tea, much better for your health! Hi my name is Emelie and I'm a colaholic. *takes a sip*
    16. Emelie
      Damn, 13 hours, your head's got to be all mushy now then :D
      Yeah the pipes are fixed now, thank god, just think of going a whole day without the ability to shower or flush the toilet - _ - ughhh Thats the most important part, I could have survived on drinking cola though haha, not often I drink water.
    17. Emelie
      No, I would never embarrass myself with my low evilness ^^
      I hope you had/have (?) a good nights sleep. I woke up, having no water in the building, since some water pipes below the apartments had broke. It's fixed now though, all the neighbours were going berserk haha.
      Yes harass on! it's always fun to talk to someone :D
    18. Emelie
      Haha hell yeah! Gotta get me some sword training lessons! I will be known and feared. I mean.. I gotta increase my evil status, 36% is not acceptable - _ -
      You would probably last longer in the medieval times, you're a bit more evil :D hahaha

      Ah god the time is so late now.. almost 4 in ze night.. It was really nice talking to you, but if I don't try and sleep now, I will most definitely be a zombie tomorrow :D. Hope you can keep awake long enough so you can sleep well later! And I hope we'll talk some other time ^^,
    19. Emelie
      Ahh I would love that as well, I also love gothic architecture. But there's always this little voice in my hear ruining it all haha reminding me of the plague and other stuff that would probably be unbearable, just imagine the smell - _ -
      But if one could get away from that, it would be awesome, It would be like coming home :D I would prance around in the beautiful dresses they had back then and make people mad by doing something unexpected by a girl in the middle ages! haha
    20. Emelie
      Yeah they probably have :D it's almost impossible not to think thoughts like that. Same with the whole going back in time, or in the future thing! I think of things like that too much at night, no wonder I can't sleep - _ - Damn brain.
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