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Jul 20, 2018 at 1:21 AM
Feb 26, 2008
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Jul 30, 1920 (Age: 97)


Master of Beasts, 97, from Girisha

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Jul 20, 2018 at 1:21 AM
    1. wanderingmagus
      no problem! :D
    2. Foinikas
      Re sy auto to an8rwpaki pou exeis sto avatar apo pou einai?to koritsi?
    3. Foinikas
      SEVOULOULOULINI!You are a little pony!My little pony,my little pony...lalalalala I'm so bored.And it's so hot in Greece.You guys have a taxi strike down there in Athens right?Oh man...are you gonna get the metro today?
    4. Foinikas
      Sevoulouloulini?Ti kaneis?Miam miam mou eleipses pote 8a skino8etiseis megali paragwgi?
    5. wanderingmagus
      i like the new avvie :D
    6. Eris
      hello! haven't seen you around lately are you OK?
    7. Eris
      I like nothing more than a wish from a heart, thank you...

      I'm not a geek!:D I needed the money so I learned it! :D And I'm not clever but I work really hard for every thing! that's the best thing in me:D well I program but I don't call my self a real programmer! I know 4 programming languages(except from web programmin languages) but still there is soooooooo much to learn :( I like network support and Hardware too.
      BTW I saw your album and you're really good! where did you learn Computer graphic and which program are you using?
    8. JIM
      he he he
    9. Eris
      Wow! so I'm talkin to a future Hollywood director!I think I'm gonna need your signature in case!:) I like being busy! you will have plenty of time to sleep, but there is a certain age that you can be busy after that...

      well I always wanted to be doctor but I'm studying Computer!!! :D and I'm also a teacher too! and a computer assistant! mostly I teach Computer and high school math ( I'm not a geek! ha ha) from summer I can enter to a big company and that will be a good opportunity but I hate it here and I really need to immigrate to another country and I need money to do that so I'm not sure to take the job or not if I take it I may settle here because the money is really good but I wanna leave:(!
    10. Eris
      Ha ha! that was really funny, silly me! =) vampire diaries is way better that "Being Human"
      I have to download all of these series!
      No Thor in this darn country! here no Cinema is allowed to play foreign movies!:(

      thank you but there has been some horrible things that happened to me because of this country and I can't deal with it! when I come here and I see that no one knows where I'm from makes me forget a bit
    11. JIM
      is that greek writing by anduil? its awful pretty
    12. Foinikas
      Kala re oute ena xronia polla gia ta gene8lia mou?Ti na se pw!Aaaa re Athinaies! :P
    13. Eris
      I'm downloading the last Ep of Vampire diaries! I can't wait!:D:D:D
      sorry I'm late! well I will watch them! I really needed some recommendations! thank you.
      well, I recently started being human! as usual cliche! aaaaand I watch How I Met Your Mother! I enjoy it week to week, it cheers me up! I WAS watching Kyle XY and suddenly the S03 E12 was gone! there wasn't any download link! but the seasons that I watched was great! I think I like your taste! what movie you got on your bag that I should watch?:D
      I really, really, really like to tell you where I'm from since you're not English like me but I'm afraid that it changes the way you look at me:( Can we skip this question please?
      what do you do for living?:)
    14. Anduil
      χαχαχαχαχα λέγεται σύνδρομο παρελθόντος. Όλοι αναπολούν τα παλιά!
    15. Anduil
      Μάλιστα! Από πότε είσαι μέλος; Και όταν εννοείς παλιότερα ότι είχε περισσότερο κόσμο πόσο παλιότερα?
    16. Anduil
      Όχι πολύ καιρό. Κάτι μέρες για ακρίβεια! Γνώρισα ήδη τον Φοίνικα! (Αν κατάλαβα καλά είμαστε 3 Έλληνες!) Το forum τα σπάει!
    17. Anduil
      Χαίρω πολύ! το Σέβη από το Σεβαστή έτσι;
    18. Eris
      I think that doesn't make any sense:D

      my birthday is 4 February
    19. Eris
      YES! exactly! they cant do that to us!!:(
      It was wrote in IMDB that the next season will come in April 18!

      I'm 21! :Dhmm! when is your birthday then?
    20. Eris
      thanks! Same busy days for me too! sorry that I'm late!:) yes I diiiiiid! I even wanted to cry:D can you believe what are they doin to Damon? I I don't want him to die:( you look don't look 90:D! how old are you?
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