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Aug 7, 2018
Feb 26, 2008
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Jul 30, 1920 (Age: 98)


Master of Beasts, 98, from Girisha

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Aug 7, 2018
    1. Silvermune
      :D :D
      Not too much, not here for me atleast. I made a few debate topic threads i thought would take off they did okay :p
      personally though I've cut out red meats from my diet to help my health and it looks like its slowly improving :)
      if all goes as planned I'll be enlisting in the US military and in bootcamp by october. Theeeeeen after awhile Imma visit some people like emelie. her mom is gonna let me stay with em if I visit. I wanna travel all around the world hopefully while I'm in the military :)
    2. Silvermune
      *takes deep breath*
      How are you doing? :)
    3. HOSSEIN.M
      how are u?
    4. olivia_the_lamb
      uuuugh I knowwwww
    5. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Tur: [the person above you... (which is me)]"Knows that said forces of evil came into existence due to a niche being created by certain members being cutely reactive to said evils.
      Also, should spend more time with Sev. She's a good teacher to evading the dangers of such evils ^^"

      What's the trick?^^
    6. Prince_Kheldar
      haha, do that, and tell them it's an elephant! Then, when they get older, they will understand what you actually taught them, and they'll think you're cool xD Or something like that...
    7. Prince_Kheldar
      Yay! Did you peel an elephant penis? Did you, did you!?
    8. Prince_Kheldar
      Lol, I'm glad you liked it! Wow, it didn't take that long... Okay, I look forward to getting it :D
    9. Silvermune
      will do I'll post a link when the pilot episode debuts :)
    10. Silvermune
      Yeah like a cop :p
      the web-series is a supernatural/drama or so?
      bout a faceless entity that starts stalking a small group of friends after they help out a stranger they meet on a camping trip, it slowly deteriorates their mentality to the point they see things and such that aren't really happening to anyone but them and turning em against one another. Alot more too it obviously but thats the basic premise
    11. Silvermune
      I'm still trying to figure it all out honestly, I mean I've been taking classes when I can buuut school is expensive in the states :/ just got let go from my job I think probably a week ago? I'm hoping to get into law enforcement possibly in the future.
      and hahah no, no gambling for me the locals here know better :P (well most)
      Also that is amazing :D my friend wants to be a director, we're working on a 'web-series' sorta thing that i've got quite an amount of people waiting to see. Just hard when hes taking classes n all :p
    12. Silvermune
      I'm doing well, just relaxing todaaay ^^
      and a short film what is it of? :D
      only a little more to go and freedom will be in your grasp!
    13. Silvermune
      Seeeeviii how are you doing I dont see ya around much now that theres no race going on (thank goodness) ^^
    14. Forgotten Realms
      Forgotten Realms
      I cannot send you a PM, you have exceeded the limit it says ...
    15. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Oh, of course, all TFF members would be under my special protection. It would be something like "Running's list" >.>

      I really shouldn't make fun of it ^^'
    16. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      I hope deep in his heart he knows that we're no trying to take over the world, at least not at the moment ;) :p
    17. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      No need to apologize for Anduil or his thread ;) . I would be upset too if another country would dictate my country what to do, I guess. I just didn't like how he was making all of this "our" fault. As if we were trying to take over the world again *rolleyes* (that's really the thing that was bugging me, the title of the thread lol, that's really immature on my part XD)
      :D Anyways, Happy V-day ;)
    18. Emelie
      Grrrrrrreat work today! :D Good work from us all ^^, Girls Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    19. Emelie
      Hahaha yes we are :D Talk to you later, sux that the trains are on strikes. have a nice day ^^,
    20. Silvermune
      eemelie says im not allowed in there haha
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