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Nov 24, 2014
Feb 26, 2008
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Jul 30, 1920 (Age: 97)


Pocałunek!, 97, from Girisha

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Nov 24, 2014
    1. Kakashi
      exactly :D
    2. Kakashi
      lol just to make fun of him really :D don't you see how stupid the quote is?
    3. Reece56364
      Hey there :D Sorry i've been a little inactive.. (Move from the north of england to london :p) Ill be back active more soon :)
    4. Emelie
      Oh wow, sport you say xD That would be a miracle. Although there are some i'd like to try, just not enough money or time at the moment. Although at my practise i get a good amount of walking/ half running almost every day xD
      Yeah, we totally could match their wins :D
    5. Emelie
      Well that's good! Now you get to have some free time ^^, we're leading the girls/boys though :O have you seen it? xD Atleast the last time i checked.

      I'm at this place that does prevention work amongst kids n teens. And I'll hopefully get to start leading girls groups with girls of the age of 10-12, will be lots of fun! Talk about a lot of different things like love, bullying, life, gender and so on. I love it even though it means 4 hours train every day v.v Cant wait for summer though! I want some time off before working and taking on the last year of university and my bachelor thesis and all.
    6. Emelie
      Yeaah, that's what being busy does, no TFF! Im fine as well thank you ^^, It's all about practise nowadays, not that much freetime, but now im halfway through it! ! N when im free, i talk to Mr silvermune ^^, what have you been busy with?
    7. Emelie
      Hey Seviii ^^, I don't see you around much anymore :O How are you?
    8. Silvermune
      Ohhh nice I wanna go to Japan someday too, If I can get my health in good enough shape (I'm hoping by this summer)
      I'll go into military around october for boot I believe, I wanna get stationed in Germany atleast I hope to like my brother.
      but yep I'll travel to Europe. :) Hopefully many more countries after that I met a guy in this outdoor hiking/climbing club I'm a part of who has been to like the amazon and gone swimming with piranha's and been all over the world I was really jealous of him haha
    9. Silvermune
      Not entirely sure. A doctor never diagnosed me with it, I just know I have it from when I tried to get into military when I'm 18.
      Its slowly improving though, so I should be able to get into the US Military when I get it lower :)
      I live in the USA and Emelie lives in Sweden sooooooooo it'll be different haha I wanna go all over europe though n some parts of asia and yeah :)
    10. Silvermune
      I have high blood pressure. Red Meat contributes to that alot. and haha noo emelie lives a good 18 hour flight from where I am now so it'd be alot different to what im used to :)
    11. Silvermune
      :D :D
      Not too much, not here for me atleast. I made a few debate topic threads i thought would take off they did okay :p
      personally though I've cut out red meats from my diet to help my health and it looks like its slowly improving :)
      if all goes as planned I'll be enlisting in the US military and in bootcamp by october. Theeeeeen after awhile Imma visit some people like emelie. her mom is gonna let me stay with em if I visit. I wanna travel all around the world hopefully while I'm in the military :)
    12. Silvermune
      *takes deep breath*
      How are you doing? :)
    13. HOSSEIN.M
      how are u?
    14. olivia_the_lamb
      uuuugh I knowwwww
    15. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Tur: [the person above you... (which is me)]"Knows that said forces of evil came into existence due to a niche being created by certain members being cutely reactive to said evils.
      Also, should spend more time with Sev. She's a good teacher to evading the dangers of such evils ^^"

      What's the trick?^^
    16. Prince_Kheldar
      haha, do that, and tell them it's an elephant! Then, when they get older, they will understand what you actually taught them, and they'll think you're cool xD Or something like that...
    17. Prince_Kheldar
      Yay! Did you peel an elephant penis? Did you, did you!?
    18. Prince_Kheldar
      Lol, I'm glad you liked it! Wow, it didn't take that long... Okay, I look forward to getting it :D
    19. Silvermune
      will do I'll post a link when the pilot episode debuts :)
    20. Silvermune
      Yeah like a cop :p
      the web-series is a supernatural/drama or so?
      bout a faceless entity that starts stalking a small group of friends after they help out a stranger they meet on a camping trip, it slowly deteriorates their mentality to the point they see things and such that aren't really happening to anyone but them and turning em against one another. Alot more too it obviously but thats the basic premise
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