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May 2, 2010
Jul 6, 2008
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My own personal hell
Doing just enough to keep the one I have.

Raff the Sweetling

Threadkiller, from My own personal hell

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May 2, 2010
    1. The4thMusketeer
      Thanks for the rep, pal. I don't visit TFF much anymore due to certain people being complete dicks (along with various personal matters), but it's appreciated.;)
    2. Gabriel Syme
      Gabriel Syme
      Thanks a lot for the rep, Raff! I really hate arguing with people (especially people I don't know) but it's nice too know I'm not the only person who thinks 'F' is unduly aggressive, especially as the subject matter was something as stupid as the existence of ghosts....:)
    3. Pyrofyre
      Could have anyone finding the corses, that just wouldnt do! And you have a fear or droning? Me too :(
      OMG I think I'd die if my room rebelled against me! It's my sactuary lol :D
      Speak later! ^^ x
    4. BubbleFreak
      Road raging happens a lot, or you are wrong a lot? Hahaha! Was a bit confused before but I know what you meant:)
    5. Pyrofyre
      Cool, and no you wont be enslaved ^_^ I just like the thought of ruling the world :D And I've already conqured my bedroom, so I'm nearly there :D
    6. BubbleFreak
      Thanks for the rep!:D
    7. Pyrofyre
      Stay on TFF then! :D
      And the same thing I do everyday - Plan to take over the world!

    8. Pyrofyre
      Hewo Uncle Raffie ^_^
      How be you?
    9. Pyrofyre
      Ive got an idea, but its not set in stone yet. I mean, the basic skeleton of the idea is, but other stuffs gonna happen..
    10. Pyrofyre
      :D:D Did you like it!?
    11. Pyrofyre
      Peanut butter and Jelly. < sorry, random moment.

      And Thank you! :D
    12. Pyrofyre
      XD Raffie please, dont make me laugh like that, it hurts!
      Nah, I just wanted you to read my story I posted, its just the prologue, but I always thought it was the prologue that kicks off the book, and people have read it but nobodies posted :(

      and I know I can rely on you -flutter eyeslashes-
    13. Pyrofyre
      Raffie.... :p

      Will you do me a favor???
    14. Ilaelin
      Sorry I've been away so long. I'll admit FB and those damn games are so addicting! Arggh, social networking my arse playing stupid games is all I seem to do...lol! :D I'll look you up on the TFF thing and send you a friend request.

      So, how is your summer so far? Done any camping? You would definitely love Colorado so much wildlife every where which for me was kinda scary when especially when driving not use to it. We have elk up in Northern AZ but I've only really seen them a couple of times but there in CO they were everywhere it was amazing! We are hoping to take one more short trip to the White Mountains in Norther AZ before school starts but no other big plans for now. Hawaii maybe for Christmas and maybe to Vegas for a few days not sure yet. What about you any big plans? Hope you and your lovely family are doing good maybe I'll see you over at FB...lol! ;) :D
    15. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      so I should be more annoying than usual and say stupid things?
    16. Pyrofyre
      kayz! Have fun ^^
    17. Pyrofyre
      Lol, is I had a quid for every person that asked me that Id be in the riches!
      No actually, it hasn't rained in ages! It REALLY sunny! :D
      But our beaches suck so... yeah lol
    18. Pyrofyre
      Nope, just sitting at my computer day in and day out lol :D theres nothing else to do up in sunny Scotland =/
      How are things where you are?
    19. Pyrofyre
    20. Pyrofyre


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    My own personal hell
    Doing just enough to keep the one I have.
    I was cute as baby and just never grew out of it.

    Spray tanning and Brazilian waxes


    Yes........I have returned for more punishment.​