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Jul 19, 2018 at 7:08 PM
Aug 14, 2004
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Jun 16, 1984 (Age: 34)
Belgian Tamer


King in the North & King Anakin's Wench, Female, 34, from Scotland/Belgium

Padmé was last seen:
Jul 19, 2018 at 7:08 PM
    1. JIM
      just busy with many customers
    2. JIM
      getting better
      big day at work today
    3. JIM
      hello padme
    4. Alchemist
      I'd be concerned if he did hate it :p haha
    5. Kaine999
      Honestly I don't really follow Aussie modern history, it doesn't interest me, I'm an oooooooold school kinda guy, and Beautiful isn't a word I'd use to describe the cities here, I can think of plenty words, but I won't soil your ears/eyes :D lol
      Personally I'd like to rebuild my own castle(it's not mine........yet)
    6. JIM
      he was laying on the floor wen i went in
      i just got sent home from work sick
    7. JIM
      an inept burglar. at my girlfriends house.
      climbed thru the kitchen window and fell, i went to check noise, he said oh shit, nd jumped thru window
    8. Kaine999
      Yeah Australia is good and all, but what I don't like is the lack of history behind it, plus the closest town doesn't really have too many tall buildings, plus I'm not a fan of tall buildings, especially being made in and by a country that is based on apathy and cheap n nasty, plus we are so far behind other countries when it comes to tech and games as well.
      What is Belgium like?
    9. Kaine999
      I'm an Aussie, I live about 40min away from Jim(Saroless).
      I tried to force myself to concentrate on doing missions, but invariably some cop or other driver gets in my way, guns get involved and before you know it mission failed and 5 stars, but it's still fun, haven't finished it yet though, I basically just go aroundfind a fast car and hooon around with the cops on my tail.
    10. Kaine999
      Well I have a PC(ofc) fav on that is Dark Messiah, Xbox 360 I don't have a favourite on that they are all good, but the one I am playing is GTA IV (I just love causing mayhem and destruction in the hummer knock off) a PSP which I only have 2 games for, Dungeon Seige and GTA Liberty City stories, and also a DS Lite, but I only use those brain trainer games,
      Those are the consoles I use, if you count the ones I have but don't use then: xbox, playstation, playstation 2 and Super Nintendo, but none of those get used anymore.
      Wow I just noticed the sun came up hmmnnn.
    11. Kaine999
      I started playing games around 9/10yo, basically 3D shoot em ups, and RPG games.
      And WOW, I had heard that things are basically the same price here as there but WOW, atm basicallt $2 here = 1pound, so WOW
      I have never worked in a cinema before but I know people who have, and they love it(or so they say)
      What is your most favourite game you have ever played?
    12. Kaine999
      Wow I would have thought that was against the law to work for that long without a break, we get a ½hour break if we work more than 5hrs, and two 10min breaks of our own choosing. But I hate the work because I really don't like to suffer fools, and that's basically what happens all day, hence why I'm looking at a job elsewhere.
      And bloody hell, that was one hell of a discount, but 600 pounds is really expensive, was that just the PS3 or with the games included?
      I can only get a PS3 for about 500 dollars (250 pounds I believe) and that's the latest one we got here.
      I like sleep I like about 9-12 hrs :D
      Do you like to play games as much as Anakin?
      (Sorry in advance for spelling mistakes it's 03:10 in the morning lol)
    13. Kaine999
      Yeah I wish I had family in a games store, but I am aplying for a job in one, and it looks good, but I never have worked in a games store, just an electronics shop, which is really tedious and you get the dumbest people in there.
      Here if you work in the cinemas you get to watch any of em for free which is kinda cool, and if you go for register work you don't have to clean up.
      And I do hope you decide to go public with the book when your finished.
      I have a question do you or Anikin ever sleep? :D
    14. Anakin
      You already had it twice you greedy huttlete! Typical greedy like any Hutt...
    15. Anakin
      Te wanna wanga?:D
    16. Anakin
      Is my huttlete having fun today?:D
    17. Kaine999
      I'm going awesome, how have you been of late?
    18. JIM
      good. u read the thread about wat happened last night?
      bloody funny
    19. JIM
      they weren't embarassing.
      he actually does look like anakin in them
    20. JIM
      he he he. i'll have to have a look
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    Jun 16, 1984 (Age: 34)
    Belgian Tamer
    What's to know?

    Reading, music (most kinds--- listening, playing, writing), story writing, drawing, watching movies, science, history, politics etc



    If Princess Leia, Han Solo & Obi-Wan Kenobi had a child, it'd be me.