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Aug 21, 2007
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Jul 28, 1986 (Age: 31)
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eternal student thingy!


Wolfing it up!, Male, 31, from UK

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    1. Sevi
    2. Alchemist
      Aha! okay I get it now.
    3. Alchemist
      Or are you saying I just can't do the whole "forum marriage" thing
    4. Alchemist
      Okay...is the way out you are offering me is to become human again? I'm confuzzled
    5. Árëlin Milloway
      Árëlin Milloway
      Beautiful tiger grin! ^^
    6. Árëlin Milloway
    7. Árëlin Milloway
      Árëlin Milloway
      *agrees with Alc*

      This is a diversion, somehow.
    8. Kelmourne
    9. Alchemist
      I do think you boosted the e-drama up quite a bit lol
    10. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Well I'd advise you not to start the promises series until you've read Harry Potter. And there are many books that are way better than the Potter stories.
      So I'll stay here, all alone in this bittersweet hell, of knowing and waiting and guessing that all is
    11. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      do me a favor:
      1st finish reading ASOIAF, then read all the other books you want to read.
      Then read Harry Potter- the 3rd, the 5th and 6th/7th book (the others don't qualify) and if you like and hate the story, then read Promises Unbroken.
      41 chapters, yup and thats only book 1. There are Promises Remembered and Promises Defended as well. But if you want to read through the Unbroken Universe, there's a lot more to it than those three. So ya... We'll talk in 50 years again :D
    12. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      I'm sorry to leave you hangng there
      but everything I have to share
      could easily be found out by you
      -is not anymore my thing to chose

      To end this all I'll give you the link
      that was my curse as you will think
      I hope though it is not the yours
      not knowing Harry Potter may be the cure

    13. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      well then keep on waiting my friend
      until I returned from the singing's end
      to tell you the secret
      and leave it
      to you
    14. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      very good indeed, but not good enough.
      it's your decision to make. It's mine to take. And it's ours to fake.
      My life is at stake.
      Chose wisely.
    15. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      robin is the author... oh god... I shouldn't have to decide wether or not you should be allowed to read that fanfiction. but it's the best I've ever read and at many points it is wa better than the HP books themselves. I guess I'll just give you the link and just try to shrug if you don't like the story.
      BUT NO! I can't do that. It's perfect and hurting and backstabbing... and for crying out loud- it's awesome if you just have a little background knowledge from the original books. And if you can understand the pain that is spoken about in the books. and if you have the dearest wish that it wouldn't come to this all in the end.
      I should never have mentioned the unbroken universe, I knew it would be my curse the moment I started reading.
    16. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      you have not read... that adds a totally new view to this whole subject... *considers hitting OR for real*
      honestly, not read, except book one? that one is the worst, I can understand not having the will to read any further, but for not doing it anyways I have no understanding- if that makes sense.
      But on the other hand, you could be my test-person... Nooooooo, but the story won't make sense to you if you are not an insider on all the magical words. *arg* you're killing me, OR. I can't do this to the story, I can't do this to you and I can't do this to robin
      you're killing me!
      Son: Mother, he killed me. I beg you, run!
      omg, you're killing me!
    17. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      you really want a link to the unbroken universe? It might catch you unaware- well only if you like the general harry potter books and are not too furious if harry is not a little brat and if he's not the hero.
    18. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      lol, call this a small place again and I might actualy be hitting you- though it's not nice to hit a stranger, oh strange one.
      If you want a quite awesome story to read on ff.net just tell me and I'll link you into the unbroken universe- and I might help you to get outta there alive again as well.
    19. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      well ff.net is not really a forum such as this is, Im sure you already figuered that out. Well at least if you only want to read... If you want to be part of the "community"- good luck with that. It's huge (as I am sure you know) and it is not half as personal as this one (IMO)
    20. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      true true, but once you know which stories to read and how to comment it is like a never ending treasures: You have to shove the dirt aside to find the gold. Once you found out how, you'll be caught for the rest of our life though...
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    Jul 28, 1986 (Age: 31)
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    eternal student thingy!
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