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Jul 2, 2018
Aug 18, 2005
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September 14
planet Earth


I speak languages., Female, from planet Earth

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Jul 2, 2018
    1. Turambar
      lol - this one must be very special indeed if you are willing to give up your fantasy, Oddy ^^ I even heard he knows how to handle a snake :p
    2. Emerlas
      can we please be friends?
    3. Turambar
      Ah, for some reason I remembered (incorrectly as it appears) you were attending uni in Chile, not the Argentine. Sorry bout that. Pinochet; Peron... It's all pretty much the same anyway, especially from such a distance >.>

      Skipped on the colonial poetry. Somehow I can understand that, haha. You enjoy DF as long as it lasts :)
    4. Turambar
      lol. Yes. You succeeded. You had me flick through allll the Post the pic of yourself pages. Well, the recent ones, anyway. And, may I say: You, miss Klewicz, are currently in the posession of a very lucky boyfriend. It might be a matter of slight overexposure, but I've never seen such a radiant Oddy. You seem very happy and full of life!

      So... what happened? What happened to the plan of having to be back in Chile for your crash course in Spanish? Would I be correct in guessing Cupid decided differently, maybe? ;)

      And you know, you're right. I haven't given TFF the time and/or attention it deserves. It's the burden of the working man. I've been working pretty hard, which means I need to choose what I do with spare time. A lot happened but, I'm afraid, nothing's really new. So yeah.... sorry bout that all >.>
    5. Turambar

      I just noted your last visitor message over at my place was from last year. That can't be right? I mean... right?

      so.... 'sup?
    6. mickichanx3
      well its ok ^^
      I just found a few People i recently Chat with ^^
    7. mareno91
      That picof him is sooo intense :P
    8. mickichanx3
      hi ^^ saw youre online ... today is my first day here so maybe u would like to chat :3
    9. anonymous
      If we get to choose a new admin - imma vote for you :D

      but yeah, I feel kind of foolish, I really thought that you were a mod ://
    10. anonymous
      yea...I got that.

      But meh, for me you are good enough :D
    11. anonymous
      So, I have you a request as an Moderator, as you may have known, the cats have grown in number, so I ask for you, for the first time in the history of TFF, make it and official guild.
    12. Turambar
      ... it's not that my copper curls were the only reason you'd want to have met me, is it?
    13. Turambar
      Hah. Well, as I said, I was tired when that pic was taken. And I was thoroughly contemplating a glass of whiskey.

      The curls went, yes. Sorry. It was Time. As you can see, hair lines are receding here and there. I've always taken a vow to take my hair off before any other hairdo would become embarrassing. Well. Mission accomplished :(
    14. Turambar
      Fate drives us apart... I can't imagine Mexico would be our only opportunity to meet. We'll find some way to shake hands eventually, Oddy. Even if we'd be old and senile and gray.

      I like the way your life is twisting and winding and developing as it goes along. Must be awesome not to know where you'll be in a year ^^ But do keep me informed where life takes you, who knows opportunities might align a bit better :)



      Caveats from my post in pic of yourself still apply. Let me know when you're done with it, so I can remove it again :)
    15. Turambar
      lol - well, I've looked at it from every angle, Oddy. And I'd be ready to go to Mexico, if it weren't for my boss. He's not willing to let me go for any significant amount of time until the end of april :(

      ... when did you say you'd be back in good ol' Europe?
    16. Alchemist
      Well, one can hope. :D
      Anywho, I'm off to do nerdy things or watch nerdy things...or...something.
      Talk to you later...sometime. xD
    17. Alchemist
      I haven't checked a map recently, but I think you are correct.
      I think it would be awesome to go to Mexico City. Sadly, I have several work out-of-town work meetings in January on top of me not having the money for a trip plus trying to save up money because my dentist informs me that it would be a good idea to have my wisdom teeth out at some point.
    18. Alchemist
      That's pretty cool. Your life is much more interesting than mine.
    19. Alchemist
      Well, you should. xD So, while I'm around:
      What's up?
    20. Alchemist
      Not much. Just thought to stop by and figured while I was here it would be a shame not to meep at you. :D lol
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    planet Earth
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