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Nov 7, 2014
May 9, 2009
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Jan 10, 1989 (Age: 29)
Somewhere lost in the cosmos.
Adventurer of both mind and matter.


Death 'n' Roll, 29, from Somewhere lost in the cosmos.

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Nov 7, 2014
    1. Prince_Kheldar
      You find it in liquor stores...? I've always imagined it a tavern kind of drink... I want to try it too. When I get older.
    2. Mem
      huh. well. police often doesnt know how to do anything. :p

      you must be bored like hell. Oo

      why NZ?
    3. Mem
      and how did they deal with it? did you try traveling outside of your city (qatar)?

      huh. what do you do then? Oo

      i wish you good luck. :) its a brave decision...kinda chuck norris style. but its a good one i guess.
    4. Mem
      did they break in your home? i can only imagine...well...i dont think thats half bad, i mean, living there,you get to see all the different countries, where everything is completely different than what you're used to.

      huh. i would go crazy. :O no liquor shops?

      really? alone? :o
    5. Mem
      true. but hm...some things in life change our views and even a day can make a difference. so if you stop writing, and you make a pause...then you star after a week, everything could be different. Oo
      true, still... if you're not born there, could be a big change. the one that scares people. hm.


      it really is illegal? how do you drink then? :o
      when? :o
    6. Mem
      dunno really...when your mood changes...your style changes too. maybe slightly, but it does. i mean, try writing a simple short story one hour later, and it will be completely different. Oo
      you're not? how come?

      in NZ there is balance?

      lol. did you make any friends in qatar?
    7. Mem
      my mom says that when you write its better to write it fast, in one shot you know. thats how you don't forget or get sick of it.
      where do you live? in a nice area? hey, thanks. :)

      i like all seasons, not just summer,but winter too. i like the variety.

      lol,what are you friends like? :D
    8. Prince_Kheldar
      Well, the reason we celebrate it is that it's the date we became independent from Sweden.
      Mead... Haha, I wish. :P
    9. Mem
      true. it's all in your head i guess. I never head the patience to make it to the end. i prefer poems, they can tell you a story too. ;)
      ha ha, that doesn't that bad y'know. all i can see is civilization everywhere. but you can take pics of qatar.

      hm, no. I'm seriously thinking about visiting it, but dunno..i visited other countries, other places. png seems different. takes more courage to go there. :)

      i see. i don't download, cos it's easier to ask a friend and he or she downloads it. :D
    10. Prince_Kheldar
      Noo, the food is for sale and the contest is an unofficial game between me and my best friend. :)
      And, I know for a fact that there is people walking through the streets waving the norwegian flag and singing our national song in NZ as well! -But that's probably 'cause of all the norwegians living there...

      Oh... sucky. :(
    11. Prince_Kheldar
      Well, these days it's de-vikinging. It's becoming summer :D Oh, and today is the seventeenth, which is Norway's birthday!! It's so much fun, the people here is gathering in the gym hall at school, where they talk and drink coffee and ice cream and stuff! And we all wear nice clothes! (Check 'bunad' on wikipedia!) Well, not everyone has one... Right now my stomach hurts... Every year me and my best mate has this ice cream cntest... The one who eats the most win! I won this year!! 14, I ate. And my tummy kind of hated that...
      Right now I'm at home, relaxing. The bunad shoes are seriously killing my feet! I'm SO happy they're off!!

      And what about over there, in the desert?
    12. Mem
      exactly. i mean, i have the ideas, i just give up. and i have bunch of half written stories on my comp and in my notebooks. >.>
      too bad, you should. *nods* it's always cool to see where people live and what they see. :) png is papua new guinea.

      oh,you're not for illegal downloading? :D
    13. Mem
      sounds cool. i always give up in the middle. so if you manage to write it, all the respect. *nods*

      so what about qatar? do you live in the middle of the city or somewhere really near?

      huh. looks pretty cool. :) do you have any home-made pics? :p btw...been to png?

      wow, the movie was awesome :D if you watched old star trek then you really laughed at some moments. :p
    14. Mem
      books as in plural? what's it gonna be about?
      huh,i can only imagine. well,since i noticed you're into history,i bet there's a lot historic thingies you can see. *nods*

      that's an awesome backyard. green. <3 what about the laws? do you have any problems with government and stuff?^^

      you should. =D
    15. Mem
      on computer or paper/imagination/book thing?
      oh, qatar looks interesting, modern city? >.> you lived in NZ? my sister has a life goal of living there, you should share some knowledge. :p

      what kinda weekend was it?
      yay, i'm going out (star trek <3 <3 <3). though i dunno...i always prefer the old version than the new one. hm.
    16. Mem
      you're creating a continent? a game? >.>
      ok, we all know the following question...*silence*...where's this "Hell hole" :p

      hm. it's friday. and I'm home. half asleep. listening to *checks* boogie night *sigh* pretty lame :D
    17. Mem
      Mem*looks around*...hows life?
    18. Mem
      yay, thanks norm f :p
    19. Mem
      *thinks* can you upload it online?
    20. Mem
      hm hm, do we have mails? i think we do *nods to self*
      dunno,quotes and stuff >.>
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    Jan 10, 1989 (Age: 29)
    Somewhere lost in the cosmos.
    Adventurer of both mind and matter.
    My name is Dave, and i'm from New Zealand. It's this neat little place at the bottom of the world.

    Everything from doom metal to the meaning of life.


    Master swordsman of Hyborian Age
    His name is legend to this very day
    Even gods cower when his sword is unleashed
    Nothing dare face him, neither man or beast