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Nov 29, 2014
Apr 14, 2013
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the daydreamer

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Nov 29, 2014
    1. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Pretty cool places to go.

      We go to England a few times a year as our whole family is there.
      Once a year we then go somewhere in summer, always in western Europe.
    2. Prince_Kheldar
      Hi, how are you settling in? :)
    3. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      a math teacher that hated math huh? hahahahaha XD I never liked math much either when I was in school. Calculus and algebra were fine but I hated statistics with a passion :P
    4. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Yeaahhh.. there aren't too many people who like math tests I guess...aside from Anonymous anyway XD
    5. wanderingmagus
      hello there ^-^ perhaps, if I have a bit of time :)
    6. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Oh, that's fine. I was just making up and excuse (although I am English).

      Do you go on holiday much?
    7. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      That's why it's different.
      (I'm actually English)
    8. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      The saxophone is cool and certainly is a different instrument from other brasses.
    9. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      hahahaha... you'll have to get your imagination helping you to write your test then XD
    10. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      you must have an ongoing imagination then! :)
    11. Oddrun
      Hello! And sorry for a late reply :) I usually just drop in and out of here, don't use TFF much for chatting.
    12. Cake
      Well the trick is to eat enough cake that you won't atleast have to think about it for another month :D
    13. Cake
      yes, I have the tendency to create that effect, sometimes I make myself hungry :'D
    14. Cake
      hey! no probs, everybody gets a slice of the cake :)
    15. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Two of my friends used to play the trumpet and they weren't that good, so that might be why I don't like it as much.
      Jazz sounds are better on a saxophone... ...invented by a belgian!
    16. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I understand. I didn't think of those and it's true, they're not that nice. I do like the tuba though.
    17. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I never really liked the guitar for some weird reason; probably because it's midway between electronic music and symphonic music. It's not the sound or anything, but the instrument itself.
      My dad hasn't played the clarinet for years now and my cousin stopped the oboe to concentrate on piano.
      I really feel like starting to learn the piano again, but I'll be going off to university in September, so it won't be such a good time.

      What about you? Any instruments you don't like?
    18. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      I did! Unfortunately I have little to contribute. I can only rarely recall any of my dreams. It was neat to read everyone else's responses though.
    19. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      At least you have keys to press, because it used to be loads and loads of holes before and the sound wasn't as good (I love the sound of woodwind instruments).
    20. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      A friend of mine is an amazing cellist and plays in orchestras and all that. He loves it, says that it really is amazing, but it is a lot of work.
      I also love music, but not on such a high level. Good luck with your clarinet! (I tried it once and it's not easy!)
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    Rock your life! ;) cyber little sis of Druid of Lûhn :3