Oct 5, 2003
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Mar 22, 1973 (Age: 45)
Home Page:
Land of the Long White Cloud/Aotearoa/New Zealand
Retail Assistant/ Previously an excavator operator
    1. jake1964
      Hey, D.

      Long time no see.
    2. meteyus
      helo :)

      i see you have read books by james clemens?..im looking for people to have a good chat about them >_< 5 books and yet noone i ask has herd of him...well 7 books if you now count godslayer ones lol
    3. Padmé
      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    4. Ilaelin
      No problem, I know I get delirious when I stay up late and I've had many in the last few weeks! ;)

      Haha, yep still playing Fable 2 it's been driving me crazy I keep having a hard time with a few easy achvs then I was playing the add on Knothole Island. It was fun but the best part was you finally get armour! Anyway, Kaine has been helping me get a few things done on it so I'm hoping to break away from it and play something else. That's one of the reasons I don't dare get near Fallout 3, then I'd never stop playing it...lol! :D

      Take care D, see you on Live!
    5. Ilaelin
      Wow, 40k kills that's crazy! I have yet to play our copy, hoping to get some zombie killing in this weekend! I did start CoD WaW, very cool but I miss all the modern weapons! I like my laser scope! :D

      It's good to hear you had a nice New Year's eve, did you get to see the sun at all when it came up? It must be beautiful where you live. I miss the sea I'm hoping to spend next Christmas and New Years back in Hawaii maybe I'll be lucky and be able to watch the sun come up there! Get some rest and I'll see you on Live! :D *hugs*
    6. Ilaelin
      No worries, I see you've been busy playing some L4D! ;) And thank you, I did have a great Christmas you? Plan on spending New Years with friends, quiet family get together nothing big! I should say Happy New Year to you too! Looks like its only a few hours away for you! :D
    7. Ilaelin
      Happy Christmas D! :D
    8. Ilaelin
      You are right, I just don't practice enough at those games but I'm working on it. I think I like CoD because it has the aim assist which helps me a lot and Gears doesn't so I'm always all over the bloody screen trying to aim! :rolleyes: Thanks for the tip, I'll try that! I keep hiding behind the ferris wheel with the captain and am getting killed! I swear I've played that level a million times lol! :D

      I do like all the co-op play with GoW2, with the long holiday weekend ahead I'm hoping to be on more. Since I'm pretty much done with Fable2 and haven't gotten CoD WaW *cries* yet, I really want to play some GoW. So, maybe we can play some co-op this week/weekend.

      I can't wait to play CoD WaW, hopefully I can get it next week! Persistence and patience is going to be my new motto! I'm tired of boys giving me crap on Live! I want to beat them bloody...muahahahahaha! :devilspin Ummm, present company excluded of course! ;)
    9. Ilaelin
      You are not good at fps games! I find that hard to believe, I've seen your gamer score! ;) Haven't played CoD in a while either cos I'm stuck on the ridge by that bloody ferris wheel in "all ghillied up" I'm absolutely dreading the silo part, I had a hard enough time doing it on regular level! So, I'm sure I'll just stay away from it until the new one comes out! :D

      Just got GoW 2 and have discovered I suck worse at that than I do CoD. But I do like the story line and it's got amazing graphics. So, I'll plug away until I pull all my hair out cos I'm not getting anywhere in it! :p
    10. Ilaelin
      I should probably do that, I'd hate to buy something I totally hated! I may have to pick up Dead Space and Fallout.

      You're really good at those fps games, I can barely make it in CoD4 on Veteran! It's insane, but I am determined to finish it even if it kills me...lol! :D

      I do like Fable but it's no Oblivion! And it's the only game I have right now I believe I'm half way to the end so I'll get it finished and concentrate on GoW 2 when it comes out Friday! Woot!
    11. Ilaelin
      Looks, like someone has been busy gaming! :D You'll have to let me know what you think of Fallout 3 and Dead Space. I'm hearing mixed reviews about Fallout so not sure what to do. GoW next week, looking forward to that! Happy Gaming!
    12. Ilaelin
      I agree. The only thing I've found that remotely helps on those games is the higher you bet the more you win. Problem with that is you end up so far in debt and you have to claw your way out to break even it drives me crazy! It's nice to know the game got good reviews, how disappointing would that be if it came out and sucked! Only a week left! :banana:
    13. Ilaelin
      Lol...I know it will be fun to umm err check out others games I can't wait! ;) How have you been doing with the pub games? I'm soooo in the debt it's not funny! I guess if you see me on the game I'll be sleeping under a tree with my dog! :D

      Cool! I had heard that the co-op was going to be delayed too, so thanks for the update I'm so looking forward to this game! :fightyou: Take care and don't be a stranger!
    14. Ilaelin
      Yep, right now I'm just kinda bored or maybe its just being impatient! I keep bringing out the old games and I'm still trying to finish Bioshock, that game is freaky but fun. I just don't know what I'm going to do with all these new games coming out, I'll be penniless before Christmas...lol! Fallout 3 looks really cool I forgot about that one and your right the list just keeps going and going! Not to mention some of the games now have some really cool co-op options! Maybe we'll bump into each other in Albion! :D
    15. Padmé
      Oh, loads has changed I think lol Now living in Belgium with Ced permanently now. Was going back and forth between here and Scotland while I was finishing uni but graduated last year. Now studying Dutch, just started second year! lol Good to hear you're back at school again! xxxx
    16. Ilaelin
      Just got back and wanted to say hi! I'm with you on the whole gaming front I'm still playing some games on and off but I'm mostly biding my time until the new games come out! I can't wait its going to be a good gaming season! I'm really excited about Fable 2 and CoD not to mention all the other great games due out! :banana:
    17. Padmé
      Hello stranger :) Long time no see, how've you been? It's been years since we last spoke :D
    18. jake1964
      57 miles each way 5 or 6 days a week. Upside is, I have a company truck and they buy the gas. ;)
    19. jake1964
      3.60 a gallon. I think that converts to a little over a US dollar a litre.

      At current conversion rates, I think that would be about 1.45 NZD.
    20. Ilaelin
      Hey D! How are you? Been working hard, haven't seen you around much on Live? Hope you are well! :D
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    Mar 22, 1973 (Age: 45)
    Home Page:
    Land of the Long White Cloud/Aotearoa/New Zealand
    Retail Assistant/ Previously an excavator operator
    Live in New Zealand, I'm 37, have many interests. Had a motorcycle accident in 94 which left me as a paraplegic. Just living life as it comes along dealing with it's ups and downs as best I can. :)

    LOTR , Heroic Fantasy genre, cars, motorsport, books, gaming, technology, geography, just about anything hehe