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May 16, 2017
Feb 8, 2004
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May 18, 1989 (Age: 29)
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desolation and insanity


Well-Known Member, Female, 29, from desolation and insanity

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May 16, 2017
    1. JIM
      not much
      avoiding people
    2. JIM
      hello. how are you today?
    3. Anakin
      yeah you might be right...
    4. Anakin
      lol what do you mean?
    5. Anakin
      A gentlemen has to let the lady win from time to time, doesn't he:p
    6. Anakin
      I'm fine, just back from the city. We bought a new game called lightsaber duels, I believe we talked about it last night. It's a fun game. But so far I've not succeeded to beat Tori lol.
    7. Anakin
      A skin maybe... I dunno. How are you doing?
    8. Kaine999
      Magical Steel Nuts? yup, got some of them...........
      Oh wait you mean MSN as in the messenger service............... yeah, here it is:
      he he he
    9. Kaine999
      Because it is impolite for a male to ask a female her age, as far as I am aware the other way around isn't bad manners :p
      Ok, you can call me what you want, I don't mind, well somethings I do mind, but I don't mind being Koala Bear 2
      *shudders* Tassie? *sigh* there is no affiliation between Australia and Tasmania, ask any Aussie you like, Tasmania is just a little island we can't get rid of..........til we get that shipment of C4..........
      And that is the Australian policy :D
    10. Kaine999
      Well I only have created one, but I have been thinking of a second, so I'll do it today, you should get an invite, most people will.
      Nicknames? probably not a good idea, like a koala I may be cuddly, but I also have a very short temper :p
      Well I live in Queensland in Australia, which is obviously the best state in Australia ofc. :D
      And I am 20, you? (ignoring general manners here :D)
    11. Kaine999
      Well there is only one guild that is fully active anymore, and that is only because of a few diehards.
      Oh and you can make as many social clubs as you want.
      And there is no requirement either.
      So, where are you from lass?
      I'm an Aussie :D
    12. Kaine999
      The requisite for it is post count, which you have, so just send Alchemist a message, either PM or post one on his wall and ask for an invite.
      Oh and one thing about social groups, most of them kinda die off, most of the members kinda forget/ignore what is happening in them, only really the person that starts the group really does much.
    13. Kaine999
      Ahh well you could say it is like a miniature guild, and a lot less formal, basically you can have a look at the current range of social groups, and if you want in just ask one of the creators, but they are just basically just another place to chat with people.
      Though some of the groups have a prerequisite to joining (post count, alliances within certain spam factions that sort of thing) some of the groups you need an invite to get into.
      If you like I can go ahead and just make a general social group send an invite, and get you used to what you can do. If you want to that is.
    14. Kaine999
      Lol, sir eh?
      Good day to you as well m'lady :p
    15. Kaine999
      G'day lass :D
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    May 18, 1989 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    desolation and insanity
    Talk to me if you want to know me.


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