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Apr 19, 2009
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Driving my own destiny.

This place is dead AF. I crey. May 30, 2016

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Mar 16, 2018 at 10:55 AM
    1. Delarmgo
      LoL no, i'm too awesome to kill myself. I'll wait for someone else to kill me like John Lennon or Kennedy. People are lining up for a chance at me!

      .........No, wait....that ain't good...right?
    2. Delarmgo
      Well, i hope i remember you too, cuz when you'll be 28 i'll be....39.....Oh God, i think i'm going to go slit my wrists now. Farewell, Chloe it was nice meeting you! :D
    3. Delarmgo
      Heh, are you living alone? I mean, not with your parents. It's very crucial for your college life that you don't live with them as they have a bad case of myopia...all parents do. They think that you've never grown more that 5 years old. Trust me, i know, i'm 28 and(though i don't live with my parents thank God), they still check if my milk is too hot, before giving it to me.........(You never read the last part-----> Jedi powers).

      Apart from that, drink booze (but don't overdo it. Reach the point of no return but don't pass it, hangovers are a b*tch, not mentioning the abysmal amount of craziness you can get into or start in a drunken fit...)

      And lastly, when you're 28, you prolly won't remember me old as you'll be :p:p:p
    4. Delarmgo
      Okay first...i'm not American and i have NO idea how College there works. I went to a Greek University (mainly cuz...i'm Greek...), where you also don't pay tuition apart from your own personal expenses. The only time i had to pay to learn was for my Post-Graduate diploma. And i STILL had the time of my life!!!
      I studied Cultural Anthropology and History for my graduate diploma and Cultural Technology and Communications for my post-graduate diploma.

      And i AM old...I don't feel old but i am...Still can't believe that's it's been 10 years since i was 18... It's like it was yesterday.

      Time flies quickly when you're having fun ^^
    5. wanderingmagus
      despite the fact that i don't change my name or image on facebook because half the people on the friends list for that page are from church... and that i'm technically still closeted in real life about it. or that i went through over ten sessions of psychiatric therapy in order to counteract the chronic clinical depression caused by it. or that i contmplated suicide for a while over it.
    6. Delarmgo
      Nah don't waste much time on breathing, it ain't that much worth it XD
      And glad to see you're fine and well and that you're going to COLLEGE?When did that happen? Weren't you like...16? I'm growing old, aren't i? Alzheimer's starting to affect me...
      What kind of COLLEGE(sorry, can't get over that) are you going to?
      Girl, i've said it before to other people but let me say it to you too...it's grandpa wisdom.


      God i wish i could go back to my graduate and post-graduate years. So much fun, booze and girls...ahem. Sorry got a bit carried away.
      It's your fault really...College...heh...good times...good times.

      (at this point, i had to go take my heart medicine and the painkillers for my back. I tucked in my grandchildren, and went to bed... Being 28 has its perks......no....not really.)
    7. wanderingmagus
    8. Delarmgo
      yes. That's a good idea! But i have a prob. I'm prone to fits of pure and overwhelming boredom................which means if i do that, i'll leave them both unfinished. Nah...gotta find something else to do.

      'Nuff about me. What about you? How's school going? Found a worthy mate yet or still going single? What are you occupying yourself with?
    9. wanderingmagus
      switched avvies again!! :D
    10. Delarmgo
      You can't blaspheme against yourself!....unless of course, you're me, in which case you can do whatever the hell you like :D

      Seriously though, maybe i'll start writing a novel or something...or maybe i'll get back to drawing....haven't done that in a while. How are the Rpgs doing here? Is there any still on?
    11. Delarmgo
      had some thing to take care of. And put some other things in my life on track. But i'm good now...bored but good. And i'm trying to think of a few things to spice up the forum but i'm not coming up with any...

      I think i lost my touch :p
    12. Delarmgo
      Hey Pyro! What's up? :D
    13. RayCaptain
      Sure thing Pyro ^_^
    14. RayCaptain
      lol did I ask?
    15. wanderingmagus
    16. wanderingmagus
      cool! nice new avvie!
    17. wanderingmagus
      it's all good! :D
    18. wanderingmagus
      smile! tomorrow's a new day :D
    19. wanderingmagus
      hello! sorry you feel so sad... :(
    20. AlphaAlex
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