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Jan 21, 2017
Apr 19, 2009
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Driving my own destiny.

This place is dead AF. I crey. May 30, 2016

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Jan 21, 2017
    1. Raraldor
      well, that sucks... I'll try to see if I can find something to fix that :p
    2. Raraldor
      right then, do you think it's the new messenger?
    3. AlphaAlex
      yeah not long now ;)
    4. wanderingmagus
      beautiful new avvie and sig!
    5. Elvenwriter
      *misses you and tff and likes your new set and can't believe that she's not a part of the tff fam anymore seeing as it used to be a big part of her life and feeling a lot like this is a facebook status in third person, but enjoying talking like this so will therefore continue and just dropped in to say hey and regrets that she lives on the other side of the world so you're probably sleeping and loves yewww tons and tons just like a herd of elephants*
    6. AlphaAlex
      I like your new set
    7. wanderingmagus
      got an econ project to do... but aside from that i'm fine! :D

      anything exciting happen over the past couple days?
    8. wanderingmagus
    9. wanderingmagus
    10. wanderingmagus
    11. wanderingmagus
      "spiffing"? :D
    12. Delarmgo
      oooh kinky...maybe the horse will like it and be more gentle in the future. The fever is gone but the dizziness is holding strong and i'm sweating like it's summer in Sahara. And my stomach dances the mambo...funny thing is i don't dance. I kill people whenever i do...First the ones that are dancing close to me and then the people that can't seem to stop laughing whenever i dance. And then the barman, the doorman, the manager, the dishwashers and the cleaning lady. Then i usually put the club on fire.

      Now that i think about it, i always seem to have a good time whenever i dance...maybe i'll do that more often...
    13. wanderingmagus
    14. Delarmgo
      i'm way better than i was the last time i pmed you. Fever went up as far as 40,3 which was the greatest fever i had in a long LOOOONG while. Glad to hear you have a neutral aspect on life, means you only need a nudge to the right direction and then you'll be killing babies and setting cities on fire in no time.

      And next time the horse gives you trouble, smack it straight to the face with all your strength, then threaten to turn it into dog chow the next time it decides to "rebel"...that works for me every time.
    15. wanderingmagus
      yep! hope that me being out of the house will lessen the impact
    16. Delarmgo
      Pffft, after all this time you're still the do-gooder you were from the beginning. That'll change though. The world's true self will soon warp your sense of good and evil and then......

      Nevermind, disregard all of the above. This is supposed to be a happy day (even though i've got 38,8 C fever...)

      So how was College?
    17. wanderingmagus
      where, here? here i just say i'm female and leave it at that :p
      outside if i have to say anything i say confused, because my parents would throw me out if i said trans. but that won't matter next year since i'm going to college so ya
    18. wanderingmagus
      yeeeessss!!!! you got it!

      and that's why i've been so uptight about the issue
    19. Delarmgo
      i'm not evil! I'm misunderstood! I want to conquer all the forces of Earth and their countries so that i can make a lot of friends! And i want to gut my enemies and make their families eat their corpses, so that me and my friends can play in peace!

      Is that too much to ask?
    20. wanderingmagus
      female? yes. GENDER, not sex. gender is psychological, sex is biological. My birth biological sex was male. I am myself transsexual, and even though in real life i'm mostly closeted, i would very much like this state to be recognized online, especially here.
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