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Mar 16, 2018
Apr 19, 2009
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Driving my own destiny.

This place is dead AF. I crey. May 30, 2016

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Mar 16, 2018
    1. Elvenwriter
      your current activity says private messaging.... that *couldn't* be to me, could it? :D
    2. Elvenwriter
      yes'm it certainly is :D
    3. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      A spam character is similar to an rpg character in that, when in spam, this is generally representative of the online persona you use to present yourself. It generally suits the purpose of fitting into the zany world of spam and lets you indulge your fantasies without joining a major rpg, including but not limited to, having make believe battles with other members
    4. Elvenwriter
      eh, i don't drink. but i dig fruity drinks!
    5. Elvenwriter
      J2O? i'm afraid i'm not familiar w/ the term :( and YES, the spamz is where all the forum family members go to chat bout random stuffs. :D
    6. Elvenwriter
      ahahah. true that!! come join us in some spam forums! it's great in there! sometimes we serve drinks :)
    7. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      uhhhh I.R. shogun will splain things. Don't worry about the spam RP, after all you JUST joined.
    8. Lord Yuan
    9. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      like an RP character just.....you well.... use 'em in the spam section...ask I.R. for details....he is better at this stuff. You can probably find him in my friends section.
    10. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      no spam still has topics but eventually you will probably build a spam character.
    11. Kally
      Ahh... can I go on them and play the games...or will something bad happen?
    12. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      well with this forum you kind of generate a spam character, like when people do the *words words * thing it usually relates to their spam character. In general it goes for all the spam threads.
    13. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      yeah, there isn't a whole lot to get other than the spam section is more so like an RP.....
    14. Elvenwriter
      that's the difference between this forum and others. here we are like family :)
    15. Elvenwriter
      lol. it means that you have a good sense of what's good and bad. hey, i will be on tomorrow, but from wednesday to next wednesday, i will be on a ski trip! so, yuan's gunna help you out till i get back. and i will notify RayCaptain (my awesome Forum Brother) to help you out too. if you see someone named Alchemist... pat him on the head and say
      "nice wolfy" it really gets to 'em. :D
    16. Elvenwriter
      well, you have good intuition, dear!
    17. Elvenwriter
      nope, not a privilege. your just cool. we like random funny people around here. that's what gets you famous XD. and the "veterans" (aka - the people who've been around here for a while) like alchy and I.R. (you will meet them l8ter) will pretend to be royalty around here, but they're just trying to scare you. i have a good feeling you will fit in nicely. just hold your ground and everyone will love you! *pinky promise* and i'm getting ready to go to dance practice... so i will ttyl, kay? :D
    18. Elvenwriter
      Chloe! hey there, new friend! whats up?
    19. anonymous
      Welcome .... + 1st post?
      - TIP-
      post in my visitor box.
      How are ya`?
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