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May 2, 2020
Dec 21, 2005
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June 27
Can't Find My Way Home


Call me Deacon Blues, from Can't Find My Way Home

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May 2, 2020
    1. Padmé
      Happy Birthday xxxxx
    2. WildPony
      Happy birthday Kaka! :] Hope you have a great day! You have permision to be naughty :p I wanted to post a Flogging Molly song for you, but I can't access it at the moment.
    3. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Having a friend at the MIT does count :D

      2 years, well that's a long time. See, over here we have to decide what we wanna major in before we even sign up for Uni. It's a completly different system.
    4. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      sorry about the history story. History is cool. ^^ When do you have to decide? And when does college start for you?
      Any chance you'll be going to Harvard, Yale or the MIT?
    5. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      lol, it's a nice one ^^ do I really have to? Remind me again tomorrow, right now, bed calls. And I'd be a fool no to listen ;)
    6. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      I don't wanna have a profile pic... I mean you don't have one on here, so... ^^
    7. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      wait I take that back, it reached me now. You are the dancing milk thing :p
    8. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Somehow no friend request reached me. Are you the one with the dancing milk thing?
    9. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Standing_ Wolf ^^ Wanna check out what I found :D? What's yours?
    10. Oddrun
      Yay! Remember to let me know how you liked it! ^____^
    11. Oddrun
      I was supposed to let you know when Real Madrid is going to play Barcelona (don't know if you're still interested but they will play anyway :p) so here it goes:
      - 16.04 (yay, it's tomorrow!) at 22:00 CET, don't know what hour that is at your place ;p
      - 20.04 at 21:30 CET
      - 27.04 at 20:45 CET
      - 3.05

      Four 'clasicos' in 3 weeks, it's going to be awesome :D
    12. JIM
      AA got u too huh
    13. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      It's in the picture of yourself thread. There ya go :D
    14. Reece56364
      Yeah, but you're offline! So the whole point has gone out of the window :p
      and i have like, 600.. But most of them are underage sluts who my friends have told to add me..
    15. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      *sigh*... alright, Where to?

      But... the video is about Lord Yuan. So it doesn't really count does it?
    16. Reece56364
      Let me know when you have :p
    17. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Your elbow doesn't count fyi :p
      Nope I won't post it again ^^ Sorry.
      ... Well... if you'd post a pic of you and spam... I'll do too :D
    18. Reece56364
      Yeah, i've had msn for a looongg time :p


      Whack that beast into your contacts
    19. Reece56364
      do you have msn YET? :p
    20. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      why was it unfair? It definitely scared people away from TFF. I had to delete it in order to save the world :D

      ps: AA is really everywhere huh? ^^
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    June 27
    Can't Find My Way Home


    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.​

    By the Grace of God, Defender of Spam and her Dominions beyond the Seas