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May 2, 2020
Dec 21, 2005
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June 27
Can't Find My Way Home


Call me Deacon Blues, from Can't Find My Way Home

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May 2, 2020
    1. Sevi
      Whaat?? He makes fun of women rightS?? That is absurd! Im fine as well! I was a bit busy lately with work and the lessons Im taking...I should have already made a short film for the semester and Ive done nothing so far...so this weekend will be pretty busy! Also at work things are busy as well... so did you get accepted at the uni you wanted? Or not yet?
    2. Sevi
      Yeah but you are the one who made a thread defending me so you are the sweetest! Thank you btw :) He is really reallyyyy irritating! I dont know how he does it but he makes me furious! lol...anyway...how is life with you?
    3. bloodfiredeath
      Gotta run dude...been fun though, was just starting to get warmed up!! stay cool and I promise to send that shit in the next 48 hours. Adios.
    4. Sevi
      You are the sweetest :)
    5. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      Bushido is something I haven't contemplated in a very long time, but in general most of those old school codes of honor are pretty easily adaptable to modern life. Some of the concepts are a bit bothersome though, like the absolute loyalty to one's lord, not a lot of room for personal ethical examination of issues, although there's plenty of stories of idealized samurai and knights breaking their codes for the right reasons and being celebrated for it. Mostly, as with any personal code, it's a lot about trusting your instincts on doing the right thing in various situations.
    6. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Wait, what game are you playing?
    7. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Holy farmertown what about Zapados?
    8. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Graveler wouldn't be my first choice, I would go with Tyranitar myself but the rest is solid. I would never think of you to suggest Electivire him being a fourth gen and all though.
    9. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Either Scizor or Pinsir, but beedrill can piss off. I personally would go Scizor. Another good bug type is Heracross. A fighting beetle.
    10. JIM
      hows you mate?
    11. JIM
      meesa great, i quit as sales/floor manager, no ressure, great hrs :p
    12. JIM
      heya Kaka
    13. Reece56364
      Well hello there you creepy, hollow fruit
    14. bloodfiredeath
      Don't get too smashed on it!!
    15. bloodfiredeath
      Mate...I wish I could help, but spirits are not my game. But I do know the real stuff is outlawed (so you probs want to visit your cousins in the Ozarks for it) However there is a "watered" down version (40 odd % alc) of the original available (at least down here) but not sure who makes or stocks it??
      I will look into it, maybe I will just send a bottle to your Mom's house and she can pass it on?? :p
    16. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Been talking about resurrecting the book club if you're interested. Thread is in "TFF House Discussions". Just post there if you'd like to take part in it if we bring it back to life.
    17. bloodfiredeath
      Glad to hear it was all good!! I will buy you a celebratory beer or 20 one day!! Things are good but busy down here, in between work and child wrangling, I just seem to get enough time for the odd wine and some Metal. lol. Sure is different to the heady days of bachelorhood. Enjoy it while you can buddy!! :p
    18. Anakin
      Well to be honest, not that great. Me and Padmé were supposed to go to Paris for our first wedding anniversary, but then just before I started getting seizures again, so we had to call it off, so that was lost and also the money we invested in it... But health comes first, and I'm feeling better so, that's at least a benefit. Anyway good for you that you had a great birthday. That's good to hear at least. I'll see you around on the forum!
    19. bloodfiredeath
      Hey Kak, Hows things? Sorry to have missed your 18th hope it was a blast (except your drinking age is 21 unlike us drunks!!). Guess you guys just have crack and hookers until you are of age!!
    20. Anakin
      Hey how was your birthday, Kakashi... It isn't everyday you become 18...
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    June 27
    Can't Find My Way Home


    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.​

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