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Dec 21, 2005
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Call me Deacon Blues, from Can't Find My Way Home

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Viewing forum list, Jun 17, 2018 at 6:08 PM
    1. olivia_the_lamb
      oh my god have you returned?
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      2. olivia_the_lamb
        PS- You should get back into the TFF fb group, I can't add you because you haven't requested to join lol
        May 20, 2018
      3. Kakashi
        Well, apparently you can make me join against my will! lol
        And yes, 17 counts
        May 20, 2018
      4. olivia_the_lamb
        Against your will, good one xD. It's so weird being a part of something for that long... I don't even feel like I've been a part of my life for over half of it lol
        May 20, 2018
    2. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      "my runescape bow is made of yew" I lost my mind
    3. Foinikas
      I'll prepare a DVD with more videos for you to see,many All your history episodes(history of games and gaming companies),some military videos with english subtitles and some various other.And I am sending you a banknote from the 30s that I think you will like.
    4. Foinikas
      Are they coins??
    5. Foinikas
    6. Foinikas
      My best friend got back from USA yesterday,he was at New Jersey at Hoboken for about 10-14 days.He brought me a New York cab model,some graphic novels I wanted(he got those from Amazon though)and he gave me a 5 dollar banknote.It's sooo beautiful.The new 5 dollar one is so beautiful.If you can,along with the other stuff that you might send me,when you send me,you can if you want,send me a 5 one in very good condition.It's just beautiful.Good old dollars,the most iconic money in history.He also gave me one of those coins that you use at the ticket machines and stuff,you know the one with the indian woman.
    7. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      http://www.pathofexile.com/ Here OG, it is free to play for now, and all the buyable stuff is just cosmetic. It is a really nifty game and pulls off an interesting trade system without money involved and it is really dark and gory. Fantasy kind of stuff too I guess also.
    8. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      OH DUDE you will love this game, Path of Exile is in open beta right now and it is slick as hell, it is the same kind of gameplay as TQ. Also when is Grimdawn coming out?
    9. Foinikas
      Lol i have two of them.
    10. Foinikas
      All of them.Even the 2 dollars banknote.
    11. Foinikas
      I have it all but they are the 70s and 80s versions.From the new one I have a Hamilton 10$.
    12. Foinikas
      What is that gift you have for me preciousssss?
    13. Kelmourne
      Lol did you delete your facebook again?
    14. Jingojolene
      Hey thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday, sorry I disappeared off of the forum and haven't checked it in years. Hope everything's going okay with you :)
    15. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Rad pic, check you later G.
    16. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Lolol, wendy vanity has some sick vids. Look up "bare arsed tedda" or something like that for the ride of your life. I still devoted much time into learning more about Friction, they are pretty jammin' though.
    17. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Oh nice, my favorites are a weird mix of music and like awkward/bad youtube videos or ones I find funny.
    18. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
    19. Kelmourne
      Yuan's a more than solid member.

      Honestly I think you me and him are the best parts of TFF at the moment. S.J.'s pretty rad too, and it's nice to see BFD posting more.
    20. olivia_the_lamb
      please send it again I fixed my inbox
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