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Jun 6, 2018
Jun 7, 2008
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Sep 29, 1988 (Age: 29)
You do not want to know..............


┼╫£ §₧£§╫µ⌠, 29, from Shadowspire.

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Jun 6, 2018
    1. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      o.O... last week if you must know :p
    2. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      erm... no i can't say i have :p... a few dragons though :p
    3. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      oh... even humans?
    4. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      erm... you wanna talk about eating monkeys or dragons? :p
    5. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      oh well... lets talk about something else then she wont see lol
    6. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      ofcourse! we just have to hope she doesn't visit either of our profiles and sees this convo lol.
    7. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      *kills her boss* erm... whoops i slipped :D
    8. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      hehehe... awesome... this could be interesting... all we have to do is sit back and wait for sevi :p
    9. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      hmmmmm shall we find out? :D... *starts a thread*
    10. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      good point... *hides all the chocolate*... no more chocolate for sevi!
    11. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      o.O Sevi's going to wipe out humanity?!
    12. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      o.O i dont wanna know what you do to monkeys :p
    13. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      I turned into a Sevi a long time ago lol. Although Sevi's not a sevi anymore lol.
    14. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      ofcourse you didn't *pats back* :p... And there is such thing as spending to much time on here... Eg. when your at work and you spend more time on here than doing work lol.
    15. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      I shall PM you the details then :p
      I've been working, eating, sleeping and spending far to much time on here ;)
    16. Ilaelin
      Camping was fun but it was quite tiring! I swear I did more cleaning up, laundy, yes there were laundy facilities there, and cooking than I do at home! And the whole sleeping on the ground thing is for the birds or bears that killed my back. Then there was little teething Arya that was fun! But all in all it was fun! I hope we can get some gaming in this next week. Maybe Tuesday the usually time? :D

      No no no not Halo! Hehe, hope you didn't have to work too hard this past week! You are probably sleeping right now, hope you have/had sweet dreams! Ttyl! *hugs*
    17. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      I've been better. But I wont bore you with the details lol. Watcha been up to?
    18. Jingojolene
      A form/tutor is a class of students completely separate from lessons that the government require us to have for notices and assemblies etcetera [very boring].
      Here it's similar, start school at 4/5, although there is a preschool thing for 3 year olds. Then primary school goes from reception, which is basically kindergarten, at age 5 year 1 starts, then primary school ends at year 6. Secondary School starts at year 7, aged 11, and finishes with GCSEs at year 11. A level examinations to help you get into University can be taken either at a college or at sixth form, which is year 12 and year 13. Or, after year 11 you can get a job at 16 or get an apprenticeship, eg, carpentry or engineering etc.
      Pretty simple xD
      I'm from Somerset too :D
      Haha, what are you doing up at 4am? I can't stay up that late, I'd get far too tired.
      Hot, dry, sometimes cloudy and windy. The weather is so unpredictable and not typically english at all, it sucks. I want the grey skies, the fog and the mist, the rain and the darkness xD
      Nighttime is nice, though ^.^
      I've written way too much!
    19. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      Thanks for the rep! How are you dude?
    20. Alchemist
      you gave me green rep! >.<
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    Sep 29, 1988 (Age: 29)
    You do not want to know..............
    I do what I must, for whom I want, well I used to.......>.>

    Anything you like, and everything you hate.



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