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Feb 3, 2010
Jun 7, 2008
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Sep 29, 1988 (Age: 29)
You do not want to know..............


┼╫£ §₧£§╫µ⌠, 29, from Shadowspire.

Kaine999 was last seen:
Feb 3, 2010
    1. Winterine
      lol are you still alive? :D
    2. Sevi
      Heey where are youuu??
    3. Prince_Kheldar
      Hey there! Happy birthday yesterday :p
    4. Jingojolene
      Absolutely :) It's really hot there, isn't it? Or is that just some parts... my Australian geography isn't so great xD
      Haha! I'm from the... north east. :) Ooh! Easy question. Pterodactyl.
      Haha xD Cleaning... it can be therapeutic but not often xD Lol! Drunk people make me laugh. I'd hate to get drunk myself, though.
      Aw that's a shame. I dream loads, I have such a vivid imagination, I remember dreams in detail :)
      The messages will eventually decline! I'm sorry for taking so long to reply. Haven't been online very much recently.
    5. Dragn9
      Yes, perhaps one day....people can still dream can't they?....lol

      Meh, who needs a mind anyways? It only get in the way :p.

      Senile? Drill? *cautiously makes for the door* I'd like to keep those demons in my head thank you very much.....:D They keep me company.....
    6. Kally

      I like the way you think!
    7. Kally
      Ah, yes... Indeed! I think I have a new found love for swords. The real kind...
    8. Jingojolene
      Oh cool! I wish I could stay up all night long. I love the night :) To relax... I read, or listen to music... or, strangely, I have cold showers xD Especially in Summer... it's too hot here.
      haha! Sorry to disappoint you but I don't have the Somerset accent. I mean, occasionally when talking to people around here it might show but generally I speak... well, with proper English.. not all that oo arr stuff xD
      Me too... rain.. mist.. darkness :) Aw, you're so lucky. Somerset... lots of grass, true enough, But that's it. Grass, fields, roads, and houses. Oh, lucky us XD
      Cool :D I wish I had a tame dinosaur for a pet XD
      If you don't mind me asking, what is your job? Is it interesting? Haha that is a plus! I hate getting up.. .though I get up fairly early despite that. I prefer dreamland!
      Probably you. Not sure how much I've written... *checks* I've written quite a lot :P
    9. Kally
      He's tagging threads saying "Pyro likes swords ;)" ¬_¬
    10. Dragn9
      Ah, but it would be a victory nonetheless....

      WTF? LOL, the absence of your sanity is clearly messing with your ability to produce coherent sentences....or it is so warped and twisted to the degree in which it might actually make its way back to some type of logic? Hmmm, riddle you this.....lol
    11. Kally
      Hey, I just wanted to tell you thats it going to be okay. We all see traumatising things in our lives and as you know, what you saw was uncalled for. Just dropping by to say, I know how you feel. Its unexpected, surprising... You just... I dont think words exsist for that kind of thing. But Monkey Boy and his sword... I saw it too. I know how you feel... :)
    12. Dragn9
      Ahh...but see, if you are going to do something/anything it must be to a grand effect, you have to make that fail seem so cool that people will question whether or not it really was a fail since it was done in such an epic way.

      Dun Dun Dun, Hmmm....perhaps that is why *ponders* now everything has become clearer, you are lacking in the sanity department, so our discussions never make any sense, therefore I always end up having to be the voice of reason...that's why the convos were always one sided :p
    13. Prince_Kheldar
    14. Prince_Kheldar
      Having some friends over... And still I,m here on TFF. :p
    15. Prince_Kheldar
    16. Prince_Kheldar
      *whispers* sorry, I was busy...
    17. AlphaAlex
      heh heh... -no comment-
    18. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      hehehe :halo: i dunno wat you mean :p
    19. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      lol I think the only way to understand women would be to become a woman for a day!
    20. Monkey Boy
      Monkey Boy
      good point! well then... atleast we can live in the knowledge that its not our fault lol.
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    Sep 29, 1988 (Age: 29)
    You do not want to know..............
    I do what I must, for whom I want, well I used to.......>.>

    Anything you like, and everything you hate.



    Sig by Nox, Chaotic DREAGON, Member of TGOF, Scynleth Owned by Sevi, my azycra ogdess "You sure that is the right moral? I think it means, never tell the same lie twice" My mind is like a steel trap, rusty and illegal in 37 states. I had an epiphany like that once, I then mercilessly beat someone till it went away. ​