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Nov 11, 2014
Oct 15, 2007
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January 16


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Nov 11, 2014
    1. Liadan
    2. Dragn9
      Good to hear! I will have to pay the estates a visit...lol
    3. Liadan
      Ongamenet Starleague.

      ^_______^ I am a nerd.
    4. Liadan
      Just finished watching OSL ^_______^ think my teammates on GW were kinda' mad though since instead of paying attention to matches I pretty much tabbed out to watch it lol
    5. Sevi
      weeell I havent been extremely active myself the last couple of months...there are tons of new members that took over the forum!! lol almost....which isnt a bad thing since most of them are really cool...and there have been some more marriages I beleive...as far as i know the guild isnt as active as it was while you were around! I still remember that party you held a while ago! those were good times...but there is a rpg going on on spam i think ....maybe it is over...I dont really know...
    6. Sevi
      Its good! Everything is fine..how are you?
    7. Sevi
      Hey! You are back! Well I was on vacation but now Im back again :)
    8. Dragn9
      LOL! Yes I do, welcome back Kael...been far too long. Your Estates sort of disappeared while you were gone :( But good to see you're back. Hope everything has been well :D
    9. Ender-Zero
      Oh damn, hey man how's it going? Where the hell have you been, and what the hell is going on?
    10. Liadan
      :) Hey, what's up?
    11. olivia_the_lamb
      I thought so. The second Terminator film will always be the best though... well unless Cameron tops himself with the 5th one.
    12. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      Currently I only have one project going, which is Masque, a super hero story. Eventually I'll probably rehash the whole thing like I've done several times with a few others, but I guess we'll see
    13. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      I still update the project that became of that sometimes, but by and large it's over, for various reasons
    14. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      Well aside from the cost of it I don't really mind school, since that's typically where I meet people lol. Also, school being back in usually means I start writing more because I have more time away from everything since I hang out with friends less
    15. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      Been alright, work, chillin, same old stuff. i'm kind of glad school is coming back around so I'll be home more, so i can get back into shape. Got a plan or two for stuff to happen this year too so that'll be nice. Yourself?
    16. Kakashi
      no problem! good to see you back!
    17. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      yeah been quite a while
    18. Kelmourne
      It hasn't been slow, it got swamped with noobs at such an alarming rate that they didn't have time to get absorbed into the old TFF culture. They had no need to either because they could socialize with themselves instead of us oldies.

      And Liv was gone for like 1 month I think.
    19. Kelmourne
      Pretty good. TFF entered a low spot recently but with the return of you and Liv it should get back to good soon.
    20. Overread

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