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Apr 7, 2011
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May 29, 2018
    1. Anakin
      Yeah, I picked the name Anakin because I used to cosplay as him, but the last time I did that was about 10 years ago. Next to that I didn't think the nickname was very original. I'm fine by the way. Still have my issues, but then again who doesn't? How are you doing?
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      2. Anakin
        Nee, epilepsie. Niet heel erg, maar vrij onvoorspelbaar. Mijn schoonbroer heeft een vorm van epilepsie, die gelukkig stabiel is, maar wel extremer kan zijn.
        Apr 15, 2016
      3. Julie
        Ah, kan jij er ook medicatie voor nemen? Ik ken nog mensen met de ziekte. Zij hebben 't gelukkig onder controle met medicatie.
        Apr 18, 2016
      4. Anakin
        Ik neem er medicatie voor en dat helpt, maar ik kan niet zeggen dat onder controle is.
        Apr 19, 2016
    2. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Oh I hope she took lots of pictures of those whales! She must have went to the west coast too then. Georgian Bay is on Lake Huron (one of the great lakes and it's full of fresh water), so there's no whales there. I've heard what you do when being attacked by a bear depends on why they went after you. My understanding of "put your hands on your neck and lie still" is that you only do that if the bear thinks you're a threat to her cubs or something. If it's trying to eat you for food rather than defending itself or its young that's exactly what you shouldn't do. It would be kinda like saying, "EASY MEAL HERE!" I would think...lol. Fortunately, bear attacks are REALLY rare. I've only ever seen a wild bears a few times: at garbage dumps and once running flat out across the highway. They're amazingly fast!
    3. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Oh yes, that is entirely possible on Georgian Bay! Bears that attack people are hunted down and killed so there are no repeat offenders. The problem is that people feed them or leave food out where the bears can find it easily. Then they learn to associate people with food and are attracted to campsites, garbage dumps etc. It's never a good idea for a wild animal to associate people with food. Staying safe in bear territory means locking your food and garbage in your vehicle at all times, staying together with your group and making lots of noise when you're hiking. God forbid that a hungry bear decides you might be an easy meal (very unlikely BTW): don't act like prey! Put your arms over your head to make yourself look bigger and scream as loudly and with as much rage as you can. Your attitude should be, "if you want me you're gonna die too." If they think you're more trouble than you're worth they'll likely seek an easier meal elsewhere.
    4. AlphaAlex
      About me in profile... *shakes head*
    5. Sparrow
      Oh yes indeedy I am. ;)
      If you want, give me the conclusion chapter and I'll give it the once and twice over.
    6. AlphaAlex
      Because I should be? Plus I'm awesome? :D
      Just noticed her interests include sexual rituals..
    7. AlphaAlex
      Lol I'm not a mod. I just like stiring people up. :p Overread and Tur are mods.
    8. bloodfiredeath
      Ok...I am cool with that!!
    9. Kelmourne
      It's okay though since I take a different one with fewer side effects.
    10. Kelmourne
      Epilepsy, but only mild epilepsy. I've only had 6 seizures in my life, the first being in 2006 and the last being a really mild one I had in London last April because being jet lagged and drunk makes it more likely to happen. I stopped taking the medication that was causing mild hair loss though.
    11. Sparrow
      Your fantasy scene is posted!
      It's called "Julie's Sweet Surrender"... yeah, it's a bit weird.:)
    12. Sparrow
      We're all boring... until the layers are peeled away.:D
    13. Sparrow
      I was premature with that message.:)
      The artwork is done but I had to snap a pic of it with my camera as it's too large for my flatbed scanner.
      It needs some quick touchup in Photoshop because it's grainy and a bit out of focus but I haven't had the time to do it as my work has been crazy busy of late. It'll be posted Sunday or Monday. And btw, it's a little bit surreal and dreamy so it may fit in with your fetishism.;)
    14. Overread
      Ahh many thanks Julie :)

      (and don't worry about missing it by a little - I'm horrific at missing and forgetting dates for almost anything!) ;)
    15. Sparrow
      Hey you're back again... just thought I'd give you fair warning that your artwork will probably be posted later this week.:D
      Don't worry, it's not weird.:)
    16. Anakin
      Hey... It's me!
    17. wanderingmagus
      electrical engineering required courses. circuit analysis, linear algebra, thermodynamics, etc. what have you been busy with? :)
    18. Anakin
      No, not always... Just from time to time. And, well... It's not an excuse. huhum.
    19. Anakin
      Those um... Are the mysterious ways of the Force:D
    20. Anakin
      Ja natuurlijk. Het antwoord lag vlak voor je neus... Kwou gewoon even testen.:p
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    "Sir, I admit your general rule,
    That every poet is a fool:
    But you yourself may serve to show it,
    That every fool is not a poet."
    - Alexander Pope