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Apr 12, 2009
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Nov 30, 1993 (Age: 24)
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Deep Space


Wayfarer, heartlander, 24, from Deep Space

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Jan 7, 2013
    1. wanderingmagus
      well, i like many of Tamora Pierce's works, as well as works such as THe Midnighters trilogy, and obviously the Lord of the Rings. as for stuff, I practice martial arts such as Taekwondo, Judo, and Kumdo to a certain extent, and enjoy survival training and postapocalyptic genres of TV series. I also like drawing, as well as many of the fine arts.

      How about you?
    2. wanderingmagus
    3. wanderingmagus
      hello, may we be friends?
    4. Kaine999
      Yeah, it is awesome isn't it? lol, there is nothing like a nice cool shower on a hot day. :D
      Lol, then you should come to Australia XD
      Oh well, somehow I will deal with it *sniffs* :p
      Lol, so which part of Somerset? my Dad said he was from West I think, I better check that later >__>
      Lol, what kind of dinosaur would you have? :p
      I work as a glassy, basically, I do anything that needs doing, from restocking the bars, collecting glasses, moving equipment, though there is some cleaning involved >__> the only thing I don't like >__>
      I think it is interesting, mostly I am in the biggest bar, helping the bar staff any way I can, it can be fun when I get to screw with drunk people XD :D
      I don't dream much, or at least remember it >__>
      Lol, I wrote less this time, kinda a little distracted >__>
    5. Kaine999
      Lol, I sleep during the day and well, live during the night, mostly cos of my job, it suits me fine really :D but as to what I am up that late for, well, mostly just relaxing, that kinda thing, gaming and music, what do you do to relax?
      Hahaha, awesome, I love the Somerset accent, though it's rare to hear t from him he kinda has been here 30+ years, though when he speaks to family, out it comes xD

      Oooo, I like it dank and dreary weather, as they call it, I love looking at the scenery around here, deep misty valleys, I love it, sometime I like to imagine a t-rex head popping up and screeching >__> or maybe a crane too xD (that's from a movie or a tv show I long forgot, that had machines acting like dinosaurs for an episode, the image stuck though :D)
      Lol, I love the night, the darkenss, hence why I chose to work nights xD, plus, you don;t get that feeling where, it's morning, and you don't wanna get up, which is a massive plus for me :D
      Lol, hmm, I wonder, who can write more here :p
    6. Kaine999
      So you have a similar system there?
      I have no clue how the English educational system functions, what is a form?
      Here you have preschool at age four, then start grade one at age five, then each year you go up a grade, assuming you are clever enough to not get held back a year, till you get to the end of grade seven, which is the end of primary school, and where you then go to a high school, the first year is like a teaser, where you have a go at everything, then at grade nine, you choose what you want to do for the next four years, and either pass or fail, then depending what you want to do, you can go to University, TAFE or just go straight to work, TAFE is like a sort of tradesmen university.
      Lol, hmm, didn't mean to type that much xD
      My Dad is from Sommerset, which part of England are you from?
      Things downunder are nice, warm, the sun is shinning, birds are singing, beautiful white clouds, floating in the sky........
      Oh wait, it's 4am xD nice and dark and cool :p how are things in pome land? :p
    7. Kaine999
      Lol, I think the saying goes, English is a universal language, of spoken slowly and loud enough, anyone can understand it.
      Here they are called HSC's and they are a way to judge not just the individual, but the school as well, so that all the students can be ranked on average, it has a massive impact on whether or not you can go to University, but has little to no affect on your actual grades.
      But we finished highschool at age 17, you finish at 16? :eek: lucky you :p
      I'm from Australia, the land of Oz, downunder etc. where are you from? :)
    8. Kaine999
      I like maths science and ancient history, not very good with languages really, but then again, I have English blood, so that's not surprising >_>
      Is GCSE's a sort of end of term/semester test time sort of thing?
    9. Kaine999
      Lol, why uh oh?
      Hmm I used to study English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Ancient History, and two Maths Subjects.
      My favourite was maths and Ancient History, what do you like to study most? :)
    10. anonymous
      mee too :D
    11. anonymous
      pff...no such thing !!
    12. Kaine999
      Lol, I have it twice a week atm, probably not such a good idea, cos I'll get sick of it rather quickly >.> but till then :D
      Ouch, I'm so glad exam time is past me now, I work, in a pub, I love it, and the hours and pay are great, I work nights :D
      What do you study?
    13. anonymous
      lol i had debat card when i was 14 :p
    14. Kaine999
      Lol, I haven't had it in a while either, but I found a good ready made one, so I am getting back into it :D
      Ooo nice, I bet it didn't last long :p
      So what do you do?
    15. Kaine999
      Hello Wyl :D
      I'll be stuffing my face with some lasagne when I have finished cooking it :D
      What kind of icecream was it? :p
    16. Kaine999
      Well hello whatever you like, how are you going?
      Can I shorten that to Wyl perhaps? >.> :p
    17. Kaine999
      Well thank you, you have a pretty cool av yourself :)
      I'm Kaine, but you can call me Kaine :p
    18. walker1979
      The Axis trilogy starts with battleaxe.Set in a land called Tencendor,it tells the story of axis,the bastard child of the princess Rivkah to an unknown father.Adopted by brother jayme,the leader of the senechal,where he leads the axewielders,the senechals fighting force..Returning home from a mission,Axis hears rumours of ghostmen ravaging the north.Everyone believes it to be the Forbidden,2 races nearly destroyed in a bloody war waged by the senechal years earlier...Jayme commands axis and his wielders,to escort Faraday,Axis'hated half brothers betrothed home.on the way he meets 2 old brothers of the Senechal,who are more than what they seem..They ask Axis to read from a book,he does and discovers a prophecy proclaiming him the starman.Further more,the last verse was enchanted,only an ICARII Enchanter could have read this.Axis is forced to ask the question-what is my father?On the way north,Gorgreal the destroyer(axis nemisis & also another half brother) sends an enchanted storm,that wipes out most of his wielders.He also loses Faraday(prince Bornhelds Betrothed)..Now he must bring the news to the prince that he lost his Lady..Also he's defenceless against the Destroyer,who is invading his dreams to weaken his resolve..He must find his Father to teach him the music of the STARDANCE,the source of ICARII magic..But that would mean addmiting that his father is one of the hated Forbidden as taught by the Senechal...He has no choice...(sorry its a bit long:)thats book one let me know what you think..:)hope you enjoyed.
    19. walker1979
      just joined the forum,have you read Sara Douglass'AXIS TRILOGY?
    20. Thy Fearful Symmetry
      Thy Fearful Symmetry
      Well, I thought there was no point in you spending money on one of his books and then deciding he's over-rated. At least this way you can try before you buy.:)
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    Nov 30, 1993 (Age: 24)
    Home Page:
    Deep Space
    I'm Jolene, I'm first and foremost a nerd, I love science fiction and fantasy, books, movies, and battle/viking metal. General concensus is that I'm weird. I love metaphysics and philosophy, symbols and maths/science. Ask me to know more.

    Reading, writing, studying, listening to music and watching films, thinking, talking to my Leminkainen, creating.


    "The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray. The advantage of Science is that it is not emotional."
    -Lord Henry Wotton
    "So this is how liberty dies. With a thunderous applause."