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Aug 27, 2019
May 28, 2008
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Dec 8, 1975 (Age: 43)
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in the horde
Retail Management


zombie Turncoat, 43, from in the horde

Are you a Zombie? Jun 6, 2014

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Aug 27, 2019
    1. Foinikas
      I'm not Blacky :P
    2. Overread
      EEEP I don't pay attention enough to notices!
      Heya JIM!
    3. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Yay for the beer, boo for the cancer. (Zoidberg: Cancer, you're bad and you should feel bad!)
      Really sucks... Good luck though! (And remember you need to stay alive until the Zombies come!)
    4. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Is there like a time limit of undergoing treatment or is it just gonna go on and on and on and you simply get used to it?
      There is a time limit, right? There must be...
    5. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Thankgod :) (not literally, figuratively speaking. Although if you believe in god you can thank him too... >.> is there no other phrase for this?)
    6. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Hey there! :) Hope you're doing somewhat okay =)
    7. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      so they're no real friends? (wow I'm being pretty annoying :p)
    8. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      well, I assumed that part. I don't think you hit people for being nice ;) Question is: could they be better non-prick friends if you told them to?
    9. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Oh you already did the beating up part. That might be part of the explanation why they don't come over anymore ;)
    10. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      well... under normal circumstances you would have liked a bottle of that, right? Just not when you can't drink it...
      So your friends are idiots... hummmm, maybe beat them up so they get smarter... or make friends with smart people... or just don't care (as long as you have other people to support you)
    11. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      well in that case, all is awesome.
      Though I could imagine that a few friends around are quite helpful when it comes to distracting yourself - or having someone to take your anger out on in case you get angry. :p
    12. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      And would you rather have them not avoiding you?
    13. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      so are you avoiding them or they avoiding you? Does it feel better this way or would you feel better if you met with them again?
    14. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      I declare that to be a lie
    15. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Nope, most likely they have no idea how to act around you anymore. So you call them and tell them: I want this and this and that from you, otherwise I'm fine so don't be weird or I feel weird.
      Yes, it's stupid that they are the ones feeling weird and helpless and yes it's unfair that they are cowards when you need them. But statistically, that's what friends do, says the psych handbook.
      They need instructions and I'm sure they'll be back. :)
    16. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      I'll send one of your friends over to bring you food, don't worry^^
    17. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Nevvaaaaa ^^
    18. Julie
      I don't know if you need to lose weight but that could be a good thing!
    19. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      *falls to the floor and runs* heh
      *sets up traps*
    20. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      catch me if you can, old man :p
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    Dec 8, 1975 (Age: 43)
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    in the horde
    Retail Management
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