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May 28, 2008
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Dec 8, 1975 (Age: 42)
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in the horde
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zombie Turncoat, 42, from in the horde

Are you a Zombie? Jun 6, 2014

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Sep 14, 2018 at 8:24 PM
    1. Anakin
      unarmed combat, Ever trained in martial arts then?
    2. Anakin
      I thought you friend said so, could be wrong. My mistake lol. Well I did hear you're pretty good in handling them, so that's also cool.
    3. Anakin
      If you're good at making weapons, maybe you should consider to make lightsaber replicas. Not real weapons I know, but that's where the money lies.... And also the possibility you get sued by Lucasfilm lol
    4. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      same old same old
    5. Padmé
      Well it's not bad to have a drink once in a while. Updated my personal photo album by the way, put some pics of me and Anakin, some funny lol Hope he doesn't kill me lol
    6. I. R. Shogun
    7. Padmé
      Not a bad thing, my dad is a drinker and he smacked us all around including my mum, hence why I avoid it completely. Give me Coke Zero any day :D Nicer and not to mention cheaper! lol
    8. qué sera
      qué sera
      hey, whats up
    9. Padmé
      Sounds very good! You should be proud of yourself!! I'm always trying to loose weight lol I don't drink or anything like that, one of those people who just doesn't like it lol I will every once and a while for special occasion but that's it. Anakin of course doesn't drink cause of his medication but that suits me just fine lol
    10. Padmé
      Woah well done!!!!!! What's your secret? lol
    11. Padmé
      Well you can slap them around but no killing without admin approval. You can of course kill NPCs that you invent for the sake of a story line or what not. But it's a big galaxy we have, you can visit almost any planet. Some areas are bigger than others of course dependent on necessity. Coruscant is the biggest of course cause that's where the politicians are, yes you can become a Senator, governor etc, we have Black Sun, the Empire, the Rebellion, of course Bail Organa is still alive so he's in charge but Alderaan will be blown up in about a year from the RPG timeline. The link to the site is www.sw-thedarktimes.com We've been doing recent edits, I'm wanting to update it to Zetaboards which is far superior but I'm not going to until they have created a skin converter, took so long to make our skins especially for our fantasy site!! So no way I'm starting again from scratch lol
    12. Padmé
      Yep, my main character Ayanna Nyx is a Dark Jedi, so is Ced's main character; But I overlook the Jedi as a whole, and Ced overlooks the Sith. We have things split up on who takes care of what
    13. Padmé
      Of course there are :D Just they have to remain secretive. I think we have more Jedi members than Dark Jedi at the moment lol
    14. Anakin
      Lol that's why I'm glad Padmé isn't the chick flick type. Sure we've seen a few but not that much.... luckily. She wants to see movies based on good directors. She'll want to see any Spielbo movie.
    15. Padmé
      Well our RPG started off being set about 3 years before A New Hope, but now it's about a year and a half before A New Hope, we started the site nearly two years ago.
    16. Anakin
      Lol tell her she has my symphaties :D
    17. Padmé
      Yeah like I said it's text based. Writing everything out etc, we're thinking of adding real gaming features in the future but that would require time and money and a good programmer. Concerning kills well so far there's not been issues with that, people often work together working things out. We have a rule list and such, of course. We have a chatbox on each site so members can talk there about their posts or if they have problems etc.
    18. Anakin
      Sounds cool, I love gore lol
    19. Padmé
      Cost??? Free, my friend lol Come one come all lol
    20. Anakin
      Not seen it... any good?
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    in the horde
    Retail Management
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