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Jul 3, 2018
Sep 26, 2012
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Heaven's Cloud

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Jul 3, 2018
    1. Emelie
      Im homeeeeeeeee. Sunny boy! :D
    2. Emelie
      Can always count on you to bring me some sun :D now melt this shit away!
    3. Emelie
      I havent decided yet if hell is warm or cold. But you'll always be there in the sky, no matter what the temperature :D
    4. Emelie
      Well hello there mr cloud :D
    5. Beldaran
      cloudy!!! where are yooouuuuu???? have a great christmas time :D
    6. Foinikas
      Hey!Do you have Facebook man? :D
    7. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      hahaha XD good to know!
    8. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      I'll remember that if I ever meet you in RL...lol
    9. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      hahaha XD Practical joker indeed! I think we are very much alike in that way Cloud :)
    10. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Nice new avatar! LOL :)
    11. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Tuesday has been great so far... got some writing done earlier! :) And I'm afraid the tea thread has now degenerated into an epic food fight :D
    12. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      I just logged on and I'm about to check the forum and the tea thread of course. I started a pillow fight yesterday :D.... have to see yet what has transpired in my absence. LOL! Glad you had a good monday Cloud!
    13. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      So how did your monday go anyway?
    14. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      You're such an optimist which is awesome to see. You have a great Monday too ... 'cause anything is possible: even on monday... :)
    15. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Awww... you'll get through Monday for sure Cloud. Whenever I have a bad day at work I always remind myself that it HAS to end sooner or later... and then I get to go home :) The anticipation of monday is almost always worse than the day itself in my experience .... lol!
    16. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      You too. You crack me up *laughs*
    17. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Hi Cloud! I was editing my signature today and I noticed you gave me some rep points. I just wanted to drop by and say thanks! :)
    18. Beldaran
      haha nooo you misunderstand, i'm not being modest!! i don't watch it much.. but i do like cartoons or anime. for example i love the movie spirited away :) or doesn't that count :D?
      hahaha well i have to go read some then.. :D
      how are you this weekend?
    19. Beldaran
      haha yeah i'm sorry i'm a bit reluctant in posting pics of myself haha, and don't believe what jnk says..i'm not that pretty haha! I posted some pics of me in the mobile phone photos, but they're not very good ones :p.
      i haven't been into cartoons for a long time.. but perhaps i'll like it!

      so you're from california?
    20. Beldaran
      heeee HC :)!! hahahah nice little vid, but uhm :p who's that guy with the beard?? i have to read SOT i guess to catch up with you guys :D. You have really cool pics, very creative!
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