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Jul 3, 2018
Sep 26, 2012
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Jul 3, 2018
    1. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Ha ha very funny. XD I'm quite sure there will be no career in singing for me and I have half a mind to email you that file to prove it to you. If I wouldn't be completely mortified to have anyone else hear it, I'd do it. "Treasure" is a very pretty song and it's a bit unusual for Amethystium... usually they don't have vocals in their music. Facebook drives me crazy because I don't have a regular account. Basically, people can post on my page and "like" it but I can't do that to anyone else's page and I can't follow anyone else either. The regular accounts need to be under your RL name and I wouldn't want that because of work though so I'm stuck with it as it is.
    2. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Yeah there's so many new social media fads cropping up these days.... pinterest, instagram, tumblr... it goes on and on. :P I stick to a few forums, FB (which I hate BTW - they have stupid rules that inconvenience me muchly!) and Twitter. Twitter is by far the most bizarre since you're limited to 140 chars for your posts. Mainly I find it useful for following links. I follow a bunch of fantasy-related "tweeters" there... which is where the cool stuff factor comes in. :) Thanks for the Audacity tips BTW and if you really wanna hear that song I recorded I'd recommend the pro version over mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEDvAGq2dEA . Not sure who did the Youtube vid for it but the audio track sounds authentic.
    3. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Oh geez... why would you want to torture yourself by listening to that recording? hahahaha XD Thank goodness it wasn't a karaoke track or it would have even worse! At least the person they got to sing the song is in the background which helps to drown me out somewhat...lol. I haven't figured out how to edit the clips yet in Audacity. I just do a test recording first at full volume to make sure I don't get any and adjust the mic slider for input sensitivity if I have to. That seems to prevent them. I'd guess that's much harder to do when you're recording a band rather than someone's voice though... some clipping is probably inevitable :( . And yeah... Twitter is different. I think of it as text messaging on a global scale. I don't like it all that much honestly but some really awesome things sometimes come in on my twitter feed. Sometimes I post links to them here. Twitter is also a great way to get the most up to date information if you're on it a lot anyway.
    4. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Oh posting here isn't that bad. I usually only spend much dedicated time here after the kids go to bed. It's 11:30 pm here right now and I should probably be sleeping...lol. If I post through the day it's when the kids are at school and even then I'm usually multitasking Twitter, Wattpad or laundry or taking a short break from writing/editing. Playing with Audacity isn't something I do very often and it is kind of helpful so I learn how to use it. I'm surprised by how sensitive the mic on my laptop is! I have to turn the input sensitivity way down or my voice records as abnormally loud. That produces "sound clippings" that cut out when I'm reading. I tried the singing thing today and that was.... interesting. I kept having to adjust where the speakers for the music were located and my own volume so it would sound right. I never realized before how complicated it must be to make a music recording...wow!
    5. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      I better not answer that question on the forum! I'm planning on doing audio versions of my published books eventually. Currently I've only posted me reading the prologue of "Prophecy" on my website. Recording an entire book is going to be a HUGE investment of time and I'm still only in the process of getting the final book in the trilogy out. Unfortunately, that means the recording is going to have to wait. Audacity is fun to play with in the meantime though...lol.
    6. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Awww thanks Cloud. Unfortunately we're currently in the middle of blizzard-like conditions here today (lake-effect snow - you gotta love it!) and it probably isn't safe to drive anywhere. We had to reschedule our birthday plans for another day. Oh well, at least we get to admire the snow and now we get to anticipate the trip all over again :) How is/was your weekend?
    7. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      *laughs* You did NOT talk me to sleep and I certainly didn't find your conversation boring! I had worked all day and it was getting close to midnight here.... neeeeeeeeded sleeeeeep so I had to go....lol :)
    8. Stormborn
      Thank you Cloud, that's very sweet of you.
    9. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      *laughs* A huge diorama! I never thought of it that way but I suppose you're right :) I'll definitely post pics if I can pull it off. I have to get the third book in the trilogy out first: that's this winter's project. Maybe after that I'll have time to put it together :) Well it's been great to chat with you Cloud but I think I'm going to have to go to bed before I fall asleep and all my posts look like:
      vbiejvjfvbvjreb <----- head hitting keyboard :P Have a good one :)
    10. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Well hopefully I'll get some time this summer to make a costume. I was hoping to go as an Orryn scribe so I'd need to get coloured contacts, some gold face-paint makeup and a black wig. I think it would be tons of fun. Everyone will think I'm insane... and that will be fun too! :D It would be really cool if I could find the time to paint some backgrounds on big rolls of paper taped together. The festival I'd go to is outdoors so you're supposed to bring one of those tents in case it rains so you don't get wet. I could probably tape the backgrounds to shower curtains and hang them from the roof, making my own little "world" inside my booth. If I end up doing it, I'll definitely take pics and post them so everybody can see them :)
    11. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Oh I don't know about that but you're very kind to say it. I actually think I'd run out of disguises pretty quick. "Santa" was a convenient one. I had an idea to go to a local writer's festival next year dressed up in costume as one of my characters. Since I write fantasy, I might even get away with it and sell some books :D
      With all the stuff you do with your videos I'm surprised you're not already a you-tube celebrity!
    12. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Awww shucks Cloud, thanks for the compliment. *blushes* Words are kinda my thing, though I think I'm definitely better with the written ones than the spoken ones! ;) The vlog was fun to make. It's too bad we didn't have more people decide to make one. It's REALLY neat to hear everybody speak and actually see more than just a photo of them. Sometimes it's hard to believe there's real people behind the avatars. Even though I know it's true, it still seems unreal to watch a vlog. I often feel like I'm watching a celebrity on TV when I see them... XD
    13. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      You must have watched my vlog then. I always think my voice sounds like a little kid's does when it's recorded. :P You have a great voice BTW. That Kamelot tribute you did for Em was awesome :)
    14. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Sure we could.... and then everybody would run away screaming. :D I actually have a great video of my kids singing a "Backyardigans" song while they were getting themselves a snack in the kitchen this past summer. They didn't know I was recording them mwuhahahaha :devilspin
    15. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      The good stuff..... like singing karaoke! hahahah XD
    16. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Thanks Cloud. :) You have a great weekend too and don't work too hard on Sunday night!
    17. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Well I hope you have a good weekend then and get some serious fun into it. Tomorrow will be busy for me (I get to play catch-up after being away all week at work :P) but Sunday we're taking my stepfather out for a breakfast buffet for his birthday so it should be fun.
    18. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      No worries.... next week will be back to normal and I'm off for the weekend... YAY! :) Leaving your homework until Sunday night sounds like a great idea *laughs* Sometimes having no plans is a good thing. That way you can either relax or go do something fun on the spur of the moment.
    19. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Aww glad to hear it! Is it great because it's friday? :D I'm doing well. Had a busy week because my boss was on vacation so I had to work some crazy hours this week. What do you have planned for the weekend?
    20. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      Hey Cloud how are ya? :D
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