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Mar 21, 2005
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May 17, 1983 (Age: 37)
VDNH Station,Moscow


Playing backgammon!, 37, from VDNH Station,Moscow

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Jan 12, 2018
    1. azuren82
      So if I'm not the worst geek in the universe, then we might need to seek AnalAlex's advice on who's the One LOL! :p
      Anyway, now focusing on my job and blog. Plus my own writings as well. If there's anything to go by, I dun have any current gen and the final one to go for last gen is PS2. That's donkey years ago. T_T But still, I'm waiting to see what kind of idiotic marketing bs will come out from Capcom. DLC is legit, doing things Capcom has done on SF x TK is just... well gay I supposed. No offense intended to pro-LGBTs reading this message. I do know that political correctness can get really rampant at times. -.-'
    2. azuren82
      Foi, you're no longer an emo. This I'm very sure. Congrats from the worst geek in the universe. :p
    3. anonymous
      That`s sort of wrong, Estonians yeah, they fought like hell, to the last man.. Latvians had different, we were split into 2 groups, one to fight Soviets, other pussies joined soviets,and fought against their own.
      Lithuanians had more or less the same...And with Germans werent better....
    4. anonymous
      yup, he did. ww2
    5. anonymous
    6. anonymous
      I live in Latvia. Have been in all of the Baltic states, not so interesting tho, don`t know if you have read, but I am willing to send (as a souvenir) my grandfather (he`s author) auto-biography about world war 2 in Baltic states. It was published in 4 languages, if I am correct. I recently found out that post is really really cheap, and it would be fun to spread popularity for it :D If you are interested, at first I may provide some sample via internet.

      about older past, in baltic states...have no information at all (except ww 1), not much a history fun...have lots of book in russian, if you are interested, I would gladly trade them from something from Greece.
    7. anonymous
      more than ready,
      and I really should apologize for flaming at you in few threads, and overall trying to annoy you.

      sorry Foin.
    8. Black Tattoo
      Black Tattoo
      Yes, I'm doing MUCH better! Thanks for asking. Been catching up on a lot of writing and gaming over my leave from work - playing Champions of Norrath and building on my Magic: the Gathering decks. I got the Dark Ascenssion fat pack and several starter decks for my birthday that have REALLY boosted by blue/black zombie deck and black vampire deck. Oh how I am enjoying using them :devilbat:

      And you? Started any new games recently? Anything good?
    9. Black Tattoo
      Black Tattoo
      Sorry about the absentee-ism. Been going through the wonderful experience of appendicitis and a following appendectomy! Never a dull moment in my life, I tell you! But now that I'm happily recovering, I'm back to wandering these musty halls :devilbat:
    10. Prince_Kheldar
    11. Prince_Kheldar
      Hello to you foin, whom I suppose is one.
    12. Firiath
      I've seen many people write "Master Cheif" instead of "Master Chief" and that doesn't make it correct. Seriously now, why did the game developers use the name "Altaïr", spelled it like that and pronounced it like that?
    13. Firiath
      I'm just trying to be rational. ;)
    14. Conquer
      Hey there!
      I'm Conquer. *puts out hand for hand shake*
    15. faelivrin
      Hellooo ;D
    16. Firiath
      No problem. What happens in the discussion threads stays in the discussion threads. :p
    17. Anduil
      xaxaxaxa gelaw!!!
    18. AlphaAlex
      oy mate get yer fat lazy arse in the race to 1000 thread
    19. Sevi
      To REC to ena den katafera na to dw mexri to telos. Eidika apo ti stgimi pou anevike sto panw orofo me ti gria-zombie to eida tin epomeni mera sto youtube... to Brotherhood of the wolf einai gamato ontws! Ki emena poli marese!
    20. Sevi
      Nai sorry den eixa karta. Nai to exw dei to REC. poli tromaktiko den maresoun ta toso poli thriller....
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    May 17, 1983 (Age: 37)
    VDNH Station,Moscow
    Alpha plan

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