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Jan 12, 2018
Mar 21, 2005
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May 17, 1983 (Age: 37)
VDNH Station,Moscow


Playing backgammon!, 37, from VDNH Station,Moscow

Foinikas was last seen:
Jan 12, 2018
    1. JIM
      heya Blacky
    2. Heaven's Cloud
      Heaven's Cloud
    3. Blackness
      Ni hao lol
      Nothing of importance really, studying, playing games, training, hoping... as are we all I guess :D You? And how's Greece doing?
      Also, crusader kings 2 - best strategy game of 2012 ^^
    4. anonymous
      emm..I gonna find the 5Lats, but what do you mean with simple??
    5. anonymous
      not fan of FPS :/ so no to black ops.
      About the patches, i would like to see how it looks like, but If you could get one just with Greek flag, that would be the thing I seek..

      and you ask 5 lats and maybe some famous Latvian beer or balsam ?
    6. anonymous
      Sure 5Lats in perfect condition is not hard, just have to go to bank. I am sort of t-shirt fan, and we could arrange that I send you money and some souveneurs in change of Medium sized Greek t-shirt with some Flag or national symbol or smth like that. What do you think about that?
    7. anonymous
      still up for that change? I am willing to throw some beers in :D

      And actually I would perfer coins? What about you?

      And sorry I got really, like really busy in Real life, so sorry that I left you hangin`
    8. Crouton
      Well we aren't too far into it yet. It's not that scary so far, but I heard it gets scarier further into the game. I've also been playing a bit of Amnesia.
    9. Crouton
      Not always. I can only play them when I play them with friends in the room. I get too scared if I play them on my own.
    10. Emelie
      Whats gotten in to you xD go watch some pewdiepie, or maybe some toby turner, WATCH HIM. *drools all over toby*
    11. Emelie
      Even when i harass you about pewdiepie that you love so much, you and.. was it Yuan? xD
    12. anonymous
      5lats and 20 or 50 :/ wow thats gonna be expensive..5lats no problem :D but 20 or 50 I cant spend that much of my pay check. no offense but we have pretty bad finacial sitation in latvia as well
    13. anonymous
      Sure, Yeah I can send you the book

      Uh, Euros are pretty popular here...but something -greece-ish, would be nice.
      I`ll wait for my pay-day (july 27) and i`m gonna send you both of them :)
    14. azuren82
      (Under footie section)
      Be warned tho: The traffic has gone super laggy now. That plus Google image search for park shin hye wiki ended up with...erm a freak twist of fate lulz! O.o
    15. anonymous
      that would be so awesome, more units, more tactics ... I bet Russians (Soviets) will have like omega divsion, same as panzer blah blah with germans...
    16. anonymous
      yes, OMG
      I almost jizzed in my pants after hearing it...
      I think it gonna be all new... but lets hope they will not destroy the original idea...

      because many 2nd games/movies are way worst than 1st...
    17. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      please do so.
    18. Julie
      Foinie, how do you like the results of your elections? It's allll over the Belgian news :)
    19. azuren82
      LOL on Turrie. But srsly he's not the only one. Remember Met? I still went lol back then esp given his cocksure nature. :p
    20. azuren82
      Oh one more thing: Any bets going off in TFF? Well, you know 2012... if England wins the tourney, I will call myself King Ahab and blow myself up. x.x
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    May 17, 1983 (Age: 37)
    VDNH Station,Moscow
    Alpha plan

    Poems,Stories,Books,music,cinema,going for walks,day-dreaming...etc.



    Horror Games Lover