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Jan 12, 2018
Mar 21, 2005
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May 17, 1983 (Age: 37)
VDNH Station,Moscow


Playing backgammon!, 37, from VDNH Station,Moscow

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Jan 12, 2018
    1. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Are you more of an msn person?
    2. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      *checks my profile*

      Why yes, according to it I have both *winks* what it does not say is that it takes a personal request to get me to turn msn on. Skype I live on.
    3. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      To get your attention. why i am not sure. I want to get to know you yet I never have any idea what to talk about. so


      seemed appropriate.
    4. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      I did not say anything.
    5. Kelmourne
      Muslims have shown that at times they can have good intentions. I genuinely believe that Tunisia and Egypt were worthwhile revolutions, it's just a shame about the Muslim Brotherhood moving into Egypt after Mubarak was kicked out.

      And none of the Muslims I actually know in real life are bad people at all, one of them is one of the nicest people I know. But I get the sense that if any Islamic extremists were to immigrate to Canada, Toronto and Montreal would be much bigger destinations than Vancouver.
    6. LadyoftheGoldenWood
    7. Blackness
      5 kuna banknotes have been rescinded, I can buy one for you though ^^ Anyway I'd send these & the flag only after new years cause I'll be moving flats soon
    8. anonymous
      actually old greek coins are better than paper money :) <3 coin money, it just feel more valuable. yes that would be awesome :) Dont forget smth Greek-ish too. :)
    9. Kelmourne
      I did and have come to the conclusion that I don't support either side now, I had no idea about most of it.

      I find a lot of middle eastern conflicts end up that way, where you don't support either side.
      It's like what I think about the Gaza strip invasion right now. Hamas shouldn't be sending rockets Israel and Israel shouldn't be retaliating by bombing civilians.
    10. Kelmourne
    11. Foinikas
      Dammit...wait I will give you the links here if you want,Overread deleted my post because of graphic material.
    12. Kelmourne
      I did not I am interested in seeing them. From the sources I've heard, a lot of what the FSA does is legitimate but there are some terrorist organizations that try and team up with them to gain political influence, and of course the FSA takes their help because they need all the help they can get even if it's help by anti-Assad rogue militants.
    13. anonymous
      one of the 5 in perfect condition would be awesome - emm is it valuable?

      Becuase the fing EU now makes Latvia to take on Euros as well...-_- so gonna send you some more lats via next letter lol :D
    14. anonymous
      sort of same for me...too bad that drachmas are rare... :/
    15. anonymous
      damn..I have no idea how valueable drachmas were...5 lats are like the basic unit of pay..(if we do not count the coins), but damn..i would like to get some of dat old Greek money ,tho..
    16. anonymous
      not much, hows my letter going?

      I went to the xmas market yesterday and saw so much stuff I should have sent..but you know next time..
      and yes, if not so hard to ask - do you still have/use the original Greek money? I would like to get that...instead of Euroes.
    17. Blackness
      Heheh, sure i can send you a flag, and exchange banknotes (though not via mail). I could use some natural greek tobacco ;) Yeh, sure, we'll arrange something.
    18. anonymous
      Sup Foin,

      that 5 Lats, should be heading towards you by the thuesday, if you PM me your address :)
    19. JIM
      back on the settlers, been watching the walking dead all day lol
    20. JIM
      wth, my bad dude, painkillers :P
      meant to say foin lol
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    May 17, 1983 (Age: 37)
    VDNH Station,Moscow
    Alpha plan

    Poems,Stories,Books,music,cinema,going for walks,day-dreaming...etc.



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