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Jan 1, 2018
Oct 24, 2004
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good ol' Germany
time waster


Halfling barbarian, Female, from good ol' Germany

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Jan 1, 2018
    1. Foinikas
      I like canned pork a lot and I don't know what else...I would probably buy some tuna cans and soups ready to cook.And dry food like nuts and....
      CHIPS!!!!Lots of chips! :D
      Because...we forgot to buy our own house in Vaultec's shelter :(
    2. Foinikas
      Miam miam....what kind of canned food is your favorite?Plz show,tell me,link and all
    3. Lady Cyllíeth
      Lady Cyllíeth
    4. Prince_Kheldar
      Thanks for the rep! (:
    5. Overread
      Thankies Firi!
    6. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      I might eventually get around to actually doing something with the google+ stuff, but for now I'm just gonna have to get my firi-fix on here I guess
    7. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      I actually completely forgot that I set up a google+ account because of that hah! But I'm glad you're back here since you don't seem to have a facebook for me to spy on you with anymore
    8. Lady Cyllíeth
      Lady Cyllíeth
    9. Padmé
      How true indeed! It's nice to see you back, I think of you often actually cause I still have a keyring you sent me attached to the house keys lol I have such a huge collection of keyrings, keep adding them on, but there's still the Padme one you sent me YEARS ago (in 2005 maybe?) attached to it all :D
    10. Padmé
      It's great to see you back, feels like old times :D I'm trying not to vanish either lol There was over a year that Ced and I didn't come here but we quickly snapped out of it. What you studying at uni? xxxxxxx
    11. Padmé
      Hey Firi! Long time no see! How have you been? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    12. wanderingmagus
      hello! like your avvie :D
    13. Foinikas
      Yeah they tend to be very patriotic but again we live in the Balkans and we have more or less the same "enemies" like Albania and Turkey for example.And yeah Serbian history is pretty good.Although my people and the Serbs fought each other from time to time in the middle-ages we were mostly on the same side and our friendship flourished even more during the 19th century and after when we were fighting against the Turks,then the Bulgarians,then the Germans,then again the Germans....and well we supported them a lot during the Yugoslav Wars in the 90s.
      They've been through a lot,unfortunately the U.S. and many European countries used propaganda to make them look as evil people.But they're actually fun-loving people who like songs,dancing,playing football and basketball,they like their traditions,they like their history.They like us as well.Hehe.
    14. Foinikas
      Hahaha!That's ok!How did you find a Serbian boyfriend?How's he like?
    15. Foinikas
      Do you have some kind of a messenger like MSN or Skype?Do you wanna talk with me from there?It's like 3.00 am here and I'm so bored!No need to freak out like a westerner lol,just asking.Send me a pm if it's ok. ZNAYES SRPSKIIIII? Aaaa drugarica moja!Ajde bre!Dance!
    16. Foinikas
      I can read it pretty easily(both latin and Cyrillic writing)but I don't know Serbian.Just a few words and phrases and lots of war/patriotic songs and some folk songs.It's Russian that is hard to read for me :P
    17. Foinikas
      I think you either saw me wearing a Sajkaca or a Serbian hat with the eagle on it etc.
      You're engaged to a Serbian guy,right?
    18. Foinikas
      Zdravo bre! :)
    19. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      oi Fifi, that guy over there <--, umm
      <-- there I mean. You should check him out: oder bei Youtube.
      You MIGHT really like him. Or you might already know him.
      Or you don't like him
      Or your internet explodes before you get to it.
      Either way, try ;)
      Just thought I'd tell you before you disappear again ^^
    20. wanderingmagus
      hello! may we be friends? :)
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    good ol' Germany
    time waster