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May 31, 2010
Sep 24, 2009
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Land of Lightning
Philosopher, Writer.


Guardian of Time, from Land of Lightning

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May 31, 2010
    1. damiynn
      Thanks Fiel, let me know how A King's Quest works out for you. I am extremely interested in your opinion and appreciate your reading it.
    2. Neonayla
      Hello, i'm sending you my regards and i'm flattered you were atracted to my avatar :D i made it myself :)
      So, Thanks!
    3. Pan.Durr
      The shape, and the feel mainly. But anyone who appreciates classic cars would want an old one, for the simple fact that it is well-known and well-loved. Go on Google Images and look at a 69 mustang, then do an 05 mustang gt500 and check out the difference!
      Lol I was planning on staying alive too! =) It would be good to show up all the twerps in this country that drive around in little japanese imports that look like toys and show them what a REAL car is haha
    4. Pan.Durr
      There's heaps!! Specially around the national parks in the central north island. I'd be keen for a race, but at the same time slightly paranoid that my car would be damaged lol.
      Yes, MUSTANG(S)! I want two: an old one and a new one =)
    5. Pan.Durr
      Lol I should hope that I get my mustang(s) before I'm 90! I was joking about that btw =)
      Helicopters are cool! Handy too when you need to fly places... (Mustangs are better though)
    6. Pan.Durr
      Lol, yeah not unreasonable for the best car ever. if power corrupts, then a powerful car would be FUN. I'm not sure what the logic is there, but I'm happy to believe that =) I've now decided I want two, because I can't decide whether I want a new (and more powerful) one or an old, classic one. So I'll get both. Probably by the time I'm 90 haha
    7. Pan.Durr
      Mate I have dreamed of owning one! I'm trying to save for one now, but it turns out university is ridiculously expensive here, so I can't afford one yet. I think they cost about $40,000 (New Zealand Dollar) at least =( but I'll get one eventually. I can't believe it's banned in your country!!
    8. Pan.Durr
      Take your friend's word for it, it's FREAKING AWESOME. Nothing is ever too fast or too powerful when it comes to cars in my opinion! =)
    9. Pan.Durr
      Well, yeah I can see how that would help. But seriously, it's a Shelby Mustang. BEST CAR EVER INVENTED =) So yeah, I like cars that much lol
    10. Turambar
      Hehe - heya Fiel

      Welcome to TFF. Now, don't you feel too discouraged about the people in the Debate section. There's a lot of fire going on there.

      My element is Earth, if you must know :)
    11. azuren82
      Yondaime is a no-brainer since Naruto is so popular. Can't say the same for Yuan of Samurai Deeper kyo tho. tbh tho, I sorta feel sad for him. I actually think Yuan got a good potential to showcase himself. Unfortunately, Kamijyou Akimine screwed purposely.

      Also Hotaru should get more exposure in the manga as well. Ridiculous bs to let Akira and Akari hog the limelight out of the entire Shiseiten quartet. Poor Hotaru and Botenmaru. <_< Not too sure abt the anime tho albeit I admit the anime is a major fail from what I've heard. :S
    12. Fiel
      Uh...Okay, I guess.
    13. Soylent Green
      Soylent Green
      What Jake said....
    14. Running Wolf
    15. Soylent Green
      Soylent Green
      Hi Fiel! Soylent Green is a sci-fi film from 1973, based on the novel by Harry Harrison about an over populated earth with depleted resources. (sound familiar? lol)
    16. Running Wolf
    17. Fiel
      Haha pretty. He's a Chinese cosplayer. Dust off the makeup and you'll see..:D And yeah, glad to be.
    18. Ellemiire Do'Urden
      Ellemiire Do'Urden
      Your avatar is pretty, is it you? Also, glad to be a friend ^^
    19. Fiel
      Yeah. Glad to have someone actually notice. I knew there's someone out here.
    20. azuren82
      Lol is your avatar a Yuan cosplay pic and signature pic a Yondaime Hokage cosplay photo? :)
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    Land of Lightning
    Philosopher, Writer.
    Thinker, mastermind behind scene, interested in fantasy, currently working on Archers Association.

    Reading, military, history, great story, great people.



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