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Aug 19, 2015
Apr 30, 2011
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Dark Side Of The Moon
Teacher and a Computer assistant, web developer!


Figment Of Imagination, from Dark Side Of The Moon

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Aug 19, 2015
    1. AlphaAlex
      Actually I've always been a popular guy. I don't know why I'm annoying. I get a lot of my personality for my mum. She was always a joker. My dad is a stubborn upper class man.. They broke up when I was 8 so I think I got my mums influence. I'm a bit of a joker so maybe that's the reason? *shrugs*

      I have used Maya and I love it, but I find 3D Max and Cinema 4D more user friendly. Maya is fantastic but it's harder to use and takes more time to master. Maya's rendering looks awesome tho. (if you understand what that means).
    2. AlphaAlex
      yeah I could work on my avatar, but you see the thing is.. I'm an artist by trade so I really cant be bothered to draw things when I'm home from work lol.
      Maybe if I get bored I'll change it.

      The programs I use depend on what I want to draw.

      If it's 3D pictures I use 3D Max, Cinema 4D and Poser
      If its 2D images its more Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator.
      If I want to draw realistic looking landscapes I use Terragen. - free program

      I use photoshop for my sig banners and such. Usually draw something freehand then scan it in and use photoshop to colour it in. :D

      And yeah I have a bit of a reputation for annoying people on this forum. My title image (the one that says I'm the official forum nuisance) was actually put there by the forums admin lol. :p
    3. wanderingmagus
      Here's one!


      And I'll give you a hint: it's a shoujo series for younger preteens...

      and it goes Hop, Step, Jump! <3 ;) (the show, not these <this? :D> character<s?>)
    4. wanderingmagus
      oh! I guess you could say they're about the same, although most of my doujin friends call their sketches manga-styled or something (^_^)

      do you recognize the character in my avatar? :)
    5. wanderingmagus
      well, manga is the static Japanese comics that you read from right to left


      while anime is Japanese animated cartoon series and movies


      sometimes there are anime made of popular manga series, and sometimes manga are made from popular anime series, but not always; in fact, one of the most popular characters around at the moment, Hatsune Miku, is nothing more than a computer program made to sing music electronically. There's a few doujin, or fanmade, manga and anime, but nothing official at the moment.


      TMI? :D
    6. wanderingmagus
      yep! and thanks! :D

      you like manga or anime?
    7. wanderingmagus
      hello! may we be friends? :)
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    Dark Side Of The Moon
    Teacher and a Computer assistant, web developer!

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    Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.
    Marcel Proust