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Aug 19, 2015
Apr 30, 2011
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Dark Side Of The Moon
Teacher and a Computer assistant, web developer!


Figment Of Imagination, from Dark Side Of The Moon

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Aug 19, 2015
    1. Sevi
      Im sorry about what happened to you from your country. Some people are lucky and are born to wealthy countries and some people are not so lucky.
      And I know what you mean about being afraid that you will stuck there if you take that job. I felt the same way as well when I came to this company. I also wanted to leave Greece and go to London but 4 years have passed and Im still here. But I still think about it from time to time. And I may do it in the future, when I have gathered the money and finish my lessons. If you really want it you will never manage to settle for good. You will always think about leaving and when the time comes you will. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do :)

      High school math??? You are a geek! :P I hate them! You must be really clever I never was good at math...what kind of computer are you studying? You are a programmer?
    2. Sevi
      Hey I didnt even know "Being human" existed! (which means it took me a while to understand what you meant by "I recently started being human!" haha) I will surely start watching it as well! Thanks! =D
      I only watched a couple of episodes of Kyle XY on tv. I liked it but I was almost never at home at that hour so I missed most episodes.
      I really like "How I met your mother" !! Its so funny! I also watch it to cheer me up =D
      The latest movie Ive watched and really liked is Thor! But you must have already watched taht already!

      There is no way the country you are from changes the opinion I have for you. I dont judge people from where they are, or the way they look. And I dont think anyone in this forum does. But if you dont want to tell me I dont mind either :)

      Im a graphic designer and Im studying to be a director. Which means Im faar too busy all the time :( I miss sleeping! But Im not complaining, doing too many things is better than doing nothing..
      How about you?
    3. Sevi
      Do you watch any other series? I watch Glee atm and I loove it. When I finish the books Ill start watching the Game of Thrones as well.
      Anything you could recommend?
      Oh and where are you from?
    4. Sevi
      April 18 next year??? But but I cant wait that long!!! :(

      My birthday is 30 of July. when is your birthday?
    5. wanderingmagus
    6. Sevi
      I dont want him to die either!! They cant kill him...Without Damon there will be no series :( I cant wait for the next episode but I think it will be released in July! :\

      Im 26! No wait...almost 27 now...>.> How old are you?
    7. wanderingmagus
      no problem? :D
    8. Julie
      Hey kiddo, let's be friends?
    9. Sevi
      Heey! You dont bother me at all! Sorry I was late to reply you but Ive been a little busy these last days. Yes Ive watched episode 21! It was really sad :( Did you watch it?? I think the next episode will be somewhere around May which sucks...I cant wait that long!!
    10. wanderingmagus
      hello! :) i'm ok, you? ^_^
    11. JIM
      no probs
    12. JIM
      night mate. ur pretty sweet, ima add u
    13. JIM
      they can come with me to my dads house. i have a shitload of rifles and heavier gear there. its my hunting stopover
    14. JIM
      lets see. oh god, i dont remember. i got her a barbie laptop for her 1st xmas.
      thats right, i got her a kids piano.
      she saw me walking out with it tho, so she got it a few days early lol
    15. JIM
      i bought him a ben 10 bike for xmas :P

      he was blown away.
      i also gave my sis and bro in law $ so they could buy him a waaaaaaaaaaay better pres
    16. JIM
      lmao. how old are u?
      i think its rare for an uncle to buy himself toys tho ;)
    17. JIM
      hes a good kid.
      he holds my hand wen we go shopping instead of his dads, i think its cause he knows uncle Jim likes buying toys lol
    18. JIM
      Dylan is my step nephew, so i dont see him often, he lives with his mum most of the time (tho i am funding the free dylan campaign by providing testimonials and a laywer) unfortunately his mother is a party animal and i dont think a 5 yr old boy should have to deal with drug raids......

      he's a great kid, can be cheeky to my sister but always shows me the greatest respect. he visits me at work wen hes with his dad and my sis, xmas last yr he came in and asked my then boss to get his wallett out of his pocket as his hands were full helping me blow up baloons. she wasnt sure how to proceed till me and pete ( my bro in law) laughed and sed it was ok

      parker is still too young to remember me visit to visit. last time he came into work i held him while his mum went to the toilet. he was fine till he looked around and realised she was gone, then he burst out crying. he even had 1 real tear, god bless him.
    19. JIM
      no kids (that i know of)
      i have a Girlfriend whos just had surgery
      we're not sure, but the surgery may have stopped her from being able to have children.
      tho u dont mess with cancer right?
      anyway, i have 2 naughty nephews, Dylan (5y/o) and Parker (7 months) and 1 lovely (and very naughty) niece, kyra (2 y/o) kyra stays here every sat night and last week fell asleep on my shoulder. she wakes up earlier than poor old uncle Jim tho..... she was good last week, i only found 1 vandalised wall.
      i called her over and sed
      "whats that?"
      its a wall, came her reply
      whats on my wall?
      a draw
      did u do the draw??
      who did?
      i dont know.
      u sure u didnt do it??
      *kyra shakes head*
      how do u punish that lol
    20. JIM
      yah, im a little tipsy and have promised not to post naughty music here so im talking to peoples.
      i do tend to shorten my sentences drastically online.
      so to rephrase
      where are you from? :P
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    Teacher and a Computer assistant, web developer!

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    Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.
    Marcel Proust