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Aug 19, 2015
Apr 30, 2011
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Dark Side Of The Moon
Teacher and a Computer assistant, web developer!


Figment Of Imagination, from Dark Side Of The Moon

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Aug 19, 2015
    1. B.P.Baggett
    2. Kakashi
      hey! sorry for not replying right away, i was on hiatus! and I really like your avatar, good choice ;D
      I'm doing quite alright, enjoying summer and such :D just looking for a job and that's frustrating, but otherwise good :) how have you been?
    3. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I see that the story differs from sunnies to chiites. Hmm...
    4. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I'm not familiar with him, no.
      But I do know that they separated because the chiites said that Ali being Mohammed's cousin then he was the only one other than the Prophet who's word should be followed, whilst the sunnies followed the other High Imams.

      I need to sleep too. It's much too late, and I have school.
    5. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Because you said that you (as the country and its people) are not being muslim like the Quran says.
      The chiite beliefs (or so I've understood), although following the Quran, broke off early on in the religion and have removed certain things of the original religion, as well as making others more important.
      I'm not saying that one or the other branch is right or wrong; religions are arbitrary and personal, but that what you said sounded more like a modern moderate sunny.
    6. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      That's what I'd love to do, but free time doesn't come easily in the Belgian school system in your final years.

      The CMS would be very basic though; basically posters entering stuff directly into a database, which would be fetched depending on the page. I already have two people that said they'd help me do it and I'm meeting the school IT guy next wee normally.

      So you would count yourself as non-muslim (in thoughts) then? Although when you did mention religion there it seemed more sunny actually (to me).
    7. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I'm too busy with school and stuff like that to work on a proper project right now. I'd started preparing for one but it'll have to wait.
      I am making a sort-of CMS for school. I have the old version on WordPress that I run for my class, but now I can to make one for the entire school and it needs to be made specially for it.

      Well, that would be nice, although you've said you're not a chiite. I have too many discussions with this annoying islam convert, but then again he was just as bad when he was roman-catholic.
      It would be nice to talk to a woman that knows the religion well and isn't my teacher, as well as not being a sunny (I follow islamic religion class because it's interesting).
    8. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I work with WordPress and understand enough PHP to do small changes and add things and stuff like that. I also make websites and things too.

      As for talking about religion, Chiites and Sunnies aren't really the thing that a european protestant should talk about with an Irani, unless being taught.

      And for software and all that, belonging to a country that is left alone can be cool.
      I do teach myself things. I taught myself HTML from the syllabus we had two years ago in a few days, months before the teacher taught it. I then taught myself CSS. I've been teaching myself Objective-C and like to learn Python, messing around with it as much as possible.
    9. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Yeah I see, I know some people that work in that sector.

      What I meant by different was the universities themselves. I don't know about Iran, but I know that other countries with large muslim populations have very high standards at universities (although Iran is Chiite, so it could be very different, but I shouldn't talk about this really).

      I'm interested in the same thing as well as AI and mainly the web. Right now I just follow tutorials and things for web-related stuff, but am planning on learning basic computer science so as to be able to branch out (if I go to Edinburgh it'll be computer programming, web and AI).
    10. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Did you study computer science?

      And I guess it's pretty different where you are (in Iran? That's old Persia).
    11. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Being a student. ext year's my final year, then I'm going to university.
    12. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Pretty well. Lots of work though...
      Is that why you've been away too?
    13. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Welcome back Eris!
    14. Conquer
      I don't know....I kinda got stuck. :/
    15. Conquer
      Ooohhh My name is in your sig :3
    16. Foinikas
      Hey you,where are you from?I like your name!Eris....mmm so greek.
    17. Sevi
      Hey! thank you for your concern :)

      Im fine I was just extra busy the last month...too much work and the have you been?
    18. AlphaAlex
      heh It's on my list of things to do :p
    19. AlphaAlex
      I have a coupe of guitars. I'm self taught so not very good heh heh

      And my B'day was 16th may
    20. AlphaAlex
      I see.. or I think I see a guitar in the background of your pic.. you play?
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