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Feb 18, 2015
Jan 7, 2012
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Queen of darkness, from Yggdrasil

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Feb 18, 2015
    1. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I has posted a picture of mineself!
    2. Sevi
      Heyy Emelie! Im fine a bit too busy with real life stuff... how have you been??
    3. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      It's lucky my work is good.
      I have the day off today.
    4. JNK
      I missed you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Beldaran
      haha yeah that sucks! hmm i'm studying/relaxing and i'm very happy. my boyfriend came by a few hours ago to bring me a bunch of pink roses, very sweet, so i'm staring at those the whole time haha!

      trains really suck in winter.. my work is in another city and i have to travel to it by train, and those damn trains are always delayed when it's so cold :(.
    6. Beldaran
      waaahhhh stressing together :p. but we'll be fine!!

      ooohhh i love snow :), it's so cozy inside then, cuddle up under a blanket with friends with warm drinks and having fun/gaming/watching movies, ooorrrr with that nice guy ems!!! you gonna see him next weekend right?

      what're you doing this weekend?
    7. Beldaran
      heee, i'm fine!! it's becoming fall now very fast here in holland and i like it :). and how're yooouuu?
    8. Beldaran
      hi emssss :)!!!
    9. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I gotta wooooork and it's not fuuuuun.
    10. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Well, if I can turn a radiator on (pun intended) then I can turn it off too.
    11. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Really? I don't like the heat, except when you change your clothes to suit. heh
    12. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Did you have hot weather this summer?
    13. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Yeah; I'm one of his favourite students. (although... he's gay. But then again; he's married, and his husband's really nice, and he's also a web-guy, though he does all the programming for the biggest bank in Belgium).

      And quoting 'Bicycle race' by Queen: 'I don't like Star Wars.' heh
    14. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Just how I like it. heh
      Actually one of the teachers at school is a professional web-designer (he taught me the basics), so...
    15. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Yeah, so you didn't know what you preferred at the time. From my experience with children, they can be fun, but are always going to annoy at one point.

      And it's not an official website; I made it for my class last year on a whim, and everybody in the school thought it was awesome, so I have to make one now for the entire school, that anybody can use (not just me).
    16. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      I won't be working as far as I can see, but I will have a pile of work for school though, as well as being supposed to be making website for the whole school, which is not easy (it's not a normal school website, but one that all the students use for something).

      Yeah, I can't really think of another word than 'mentally ill'. But seeing as that's your favourite, then it's good you had the choice.
    17. S.J. Faerlind
      S.J. Faerlind
      to the rescue!!!!!
    18. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Not really no, although it's my final year, so it'll be good.

      The problem is the amount of work that I have to do outside of school, which just takes up so much time, alongside my large amounts of work for school.

      So is the fun job the one with people with mental difficulties?
    19. Druid of Lûhn
      Druid of Lûhn
      Nope, it starts in September.

      Has it started for you yet? And are you continuing your job?
    20. Hater`
      the RPG is out there, go and post.
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    A metal hardcore socialworker with red hair. Lives in the snowy fields of Sweden. Loves books and fantasy more than anything... Don't touch my books!



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    The Queen of Darkness