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Aug 1, 2018
Jan 7, 2012
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Queen of darkness, from Yggdrasil

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Aug 1, 2018
    1. Silvermune
      Yeah it gets unbearably hot here some summer days others its just scorching and noone is to be seen outside haha, but` I've also been to places where it did snow a decent amount and know that's no fun at all.
      I would love to find the places where they filmed the scenes for LotR :D I'd be so excited about that if I recognized something from the movie :]
      And that's really cool atleast you've been out to Denmark and Turkey, gotta start somewhere right?
    2. Silvermune
      Well I started the dark brotherhood and when you have to kill the 3 in the beginning actually wandering towns n all lets say i was seen committing all the murders and decided i'd make an assassin for that haha. As for vegas, the weather is pretty meh here we never get snow, and the summers are torture it gets up to uhh lets see you use centigrade(i think everywhere but the us does) i believe so 47 degrees Celsius.

      I personally wanna visit new zealand just because its beautiful there. (well from pictures :P) and other big places would be germany and england. One place I will visit for sure though is South Korea because I have family there my mothers from there and my dad met her when he was in the US military.
      I just think it'd be an amazing experience to see all sorts of different cultures in the world instead of just restricting oneself to where they live ya know?
    3. Forgotten Realms
    4. Forgotten Realms
      Forgotten Realms
      Perhaps the reasons may sound very silly to you but I did it to occupy me with myself (had not so many friends a a child) and tried to flee the world around me.
      Well, I have already heard that those counting methods are used as methods for better sleeping, so it is not so abstract sounding for me.
      Well, I would be glad receiving your request ... I did not dare doing it on my own.
    5. Silvermune
      I haven't done absolutely everything in it I haven't even started the Dark Brotherhood yet haha I got so enthralled with the main quest which is more than I can say I did with Oblivion, though I did love the shivering isles.
      Just haven't had too much time on my hands to play lately and friend was eager to try it out :P

      On a side note saw you are from Sweden! That's pretty awesome how is the weather and all there?
      Don't think I've even seen photos really of there which is funny since I wanna travel around the world sometime in the future.
    6. Silvermune
      No I dont mind, I figure if I get along with people on here I'll be more obliged to actually post things here more often :)
      I'm a sword n shield guy though its been awhile since I've played skyrim too thats why i let it go xD
      what about ya? What kinda person did ya play as.
    7. Silvermune
      Yes I enjoyed skyrim played it to death :P
      letting a good friend of mine enjoy it now though at the moment :)
      and no big deal just means I made the first move when it came to hello's :D
    8. Forgotten Realms
      Forgotten Realms
      Would you like to discuss about your meditation method rather here or by PM? I am really curious to know about your quirky ways :)
    9. Silvermune
      you are my first visitor :D so i shall stop by and say hello, and haha skyrim nicee. :]
    10. Forgotten Realms
      Forgotten Realms
      Thanks for having payed me a visit :)
    11. Foinikas
      Yeah of course I love them!I love gaming generally and good movies!I am playing Skyrim these days and I have a male nord character.Do you have MSN or some kind of messenger and if you do,do you wanna talk with me from there?If that's not too rude to ask :P
    12. Foinikas
      Hello there Swedish girl!You play Skyrim too?Awesome!
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