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Mar 25, 2011
Mar 25, 2011
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Elven Huntress

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Mar 25, 2011
    1. wanderingmagus
      seooooooooooooooooo... interested in coming back anytime soon and meeting the pplz? :)
    2. wanderingmagus
      No problem! And really, even if you posted in the right forum there's nobody online right now, so it's kinda pointless ^_^;

      If you ever need help or anything, please, just ask!
    3. wanderingmagus
      Sup there.

      I need to warn you before mods come and start waving the banhammer. Please stop posting about your series in every single forum. It might attract attention, but only in bad ways, i'm afraid, and I really am trying to help you not get kicked out.

      Now I understand how you feel about your series; I've written some short stories and novels before and tried to get attention for them and epically failed or got pushed aside.

      We are a welcoming community, really. If you just come and introduce yourself, get a few posts in socialwise, and just in general try to be nice, people will start liking you and might even look into the stuff you write or draw.

      Personally, when I came on here people were all "stfu n00b" and stuff at me, but after a while I was able to post artwork and have people actually LOOK at them and other stuff.

      I'd suggest you try the same. :)

      PS: would you like to be friends? I think that'd be one good way to start your social life on the forum.
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    I'm here to ask for help from all of my fantasy genre friends. I doing a web series where the winner of each round is determined by popular vote. It takes 10 seconds and its free, you don't even have to sign up. Just go to http://www.warriorshowdown.com/warrior_showdown_2_045.htm and vote for ELVEN HUNTRESS!! please help!!