Disco Jezebel
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Mar 18, 2015
Jan 30, 2007
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September 3
Home Page:
Eastern North Carolina
Emergency Dispatcher/ Artist

Disco Jezebel

Speak Your Right Words, from Eastern North Carolina

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Mar 18, 2015
    1. Alchemist
    2. AlphaAlex
      heh whats up?
    3. AlphaAlex
    4. Disco Jezebel
      Disco Jezebel
      I listen to alot of Indie music, I just rewatch all of Outlaw Star.
    5. Overread
      hmm with music its either from games, films, classical or (mostly) celtic - or some modern bands (I think Nightwish is playing at the moment).

      As for films I am in an anime mood currently, but no funds for new anime - so probable something like Akira or a Ghibli film.

      what about yourself?
    6. Overread
      not much - forum postings mostly and listening to musics.
      contemplated watching a film at one point - it its rather too late now - spent too long working out which one to watch ;)
    7. Overread
      ooh I gots notifications!

      Hello DJ - things are ,,,,, meh at the moment to be honest.
      how are things with you? Good?
    8. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      so how did the release go?
    9. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      lol poor Steph, it'll be okay, most of them should be too afraid to actually talk to a real girl lol
    10. Alchemist
      There is serious lack of me on this profile :D
    11. Kelmourne
      I figured it was time to send you a friend request since its seems that you're sticking around for longer than the occasional peek into spam these days.
    12. Firiath
      lol I beg you, please put on a robe. And please don't take it off - it's for your own good! It's extremely fecking cold over here. :D
    13. Sevi
      yap! Well I dont know if I will actually buy it but I cartainly found a few that rock! :D
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    September 3
    Home Page:
    Eastern North Carolina
    Emergency Dispatcher/ Artist
    I enjoy Drawing, Reading, Writing, Painting, Owls, Cherries, Jareth from Labyrinth, Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, HolyNinjaMan, Otters, Harry Potter, Lady Gaga, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Asian Dramas, Pocketfrogs, Pocket Monsters, The Walking Dead, Venture Brothers, Falco, Falcore, Shin Kicking, Bed Mate Lemuring and a long list of other things.
    What I Hate? Gummy Bears! They do not need to bounce here, there and everywhere. How Unnatural!


    Disco Jezesaurs - Rare, but not extinct as there is only one in existence. If you are inclined to look for this mythical beast, you're best bet is SPAM!