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Jan 31, 2016
Jun 9, 2008
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Jul 2, 1982 (Age: 37)
My own little world


Dark Heart Of The Verse, 37, from My own little world

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Jan 31, 2016
    1. Lord Yuan
      Lord Yuan
      Yeah, this weekend I plan to get cracking on reading. Might also show the friend who showed me Biomega.
    2. wanderingmagus
      does your sig refer to anything btw?
    3. Pyrofyre
      Well that's good, I hope it clears up pretty soon. Can't have no friend of mine getting ill without my permission! And lolol, I think we both know I'm too nice to be evil :p

      And I could never hit a horse like that Dx Maybe give it a crack with the whip x)
    4. Pyrofyre
      Not as good as I used to be, leaning more towards the Neutral outlook of everything ;D

      I am really good, just got back from College, was a good day back, the horse I rode tried to buck me off four times lol, but I didn't, and put the ass in his place x)

      :eek: Get well soon! <3
    5. Pyrofyre
      Oh, uh, that second bit... that's kinda... gross... >__>;
      I say there is no such thing as good and evil, only thinking it makes it so! =D
    6. Pyrofyre
      Definitely not, I see exactly where you're coming from :p
    7. Pyrofyre
      No not good, but then again being an Evil person like you it is to be expected.

      Poor Dellie-poo D:
    8. Pyrofyre
      D= Oh nu~
      Don't do that! <33
    9. Pyrofyre
      Nuu, I'm not living alone lol, no point. I've pretty much got a shit load of independence, my mom is so lenient when it comes to a lot of things. But then again, I don't drink anymore, so I don't have to deal with that problem lol. Chances are I'll get drunk again soon, Halloween most likely, but I'm staying in the town over so it's alllllll gooood~

      I've only ever had a hangover once, which is pretty awesome :D

      And awe, I'll remember you! I have an epic good memory <3
    10. Pyrofyre
      Oh yeah, I totally forgot you're not American xD My bad ~ <3
      My college life will probably liven up once I get into it a little more, I've only been there a month so far soooo, yeah lol. What you did sounds pretty cool o_o; Never, ever been a fan of History though, I dropped the class as soon as I got the chance in High School lol

      I suppose when you look back on it it seems like yesterday, but when it's actually happening it's different. When I'm 28 I'll likely be saying the same thing xD
    11. wanderingmagus
      yep this forum will always be here for you!! :D
    12. wanderingmagus
      ouch...:( sorry to hear that...

      but it's great that you were able to have successes throughout your crisis!
    13. wanderingmagus
      lol ya but ray's trying to say otherwise.

      what in the world happened to you that drained you?

      yay for drawing!!! i love drawing! and looking at other people's drawings!
    14. Pyrofyre
      Lol, don't get too excited. British College is nothing like American college. I don't have to pay going to it, and I get an allowance FOR going to it. I'll come out of it after three years with a Diploma. And I'M NOT 16 D< I'm 17...>__>; 18 in December lol. And it's not really a great college, they're all very limited in the Highlands. It's called The North Highland College, Thurso. Original, huh? =|
      It's still really awesome though, I'm studying Equestrian Skills and Business Studies, which is good, and I'll get Three of my BHS Stages too ^-^; Going out on Halloween, and it's gonna be aweesomeeee~

      AND YOU'RE NOT OLD. 28... Pah :p
    15. wanderingmagus
      im ok, went to a therapist and decided i was a girl, made a rpg that died, am participating in shogun's rpg, am currently basically the one that posts the most (thus my new sub-title) and ya! :D

      how about you? :D
    16. Pyrofyre
      I do that too, get really into it, then find something else to do and forget all about it.

      And me? Schools going so awesome, I love it so much, it's the best. Ever. We're on holiday's at the moment, but I go back on Monday, so looking forward to it! And and and I have found a worthy mate lol, and he's as equally awesome and amazing x) I amm.... Occupying myself with College, and sleep, with doses of computer time and eating/breathing in between :D
    17. Pyrofyre
      You should do both, two birds with one stone y'know? I love writing stories, although I rarely do lol. Not sure about the RP's around though, think thers one of two real slow one's going on, but nothing I can think of off the top of my head. The place has been really quiet recently =/
    18. wanderingmagus
    19. Pyrofyre
      Lost your touch, as if you even could! You're Delarmgo! Evil Incarnate :p How could you have lost your touch!?

    20. Pyrofyre
      Not too much, things are really good, =D
      Hows about you? Where you been!?
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    Jul 2, 1982 (Age: 37)
    My own little world


    I am the Deceiver,the Trickster,the Darkness that crawls up thy spine when thou sleep,whispering dark,unholy truths in thy dreams.And when this universe and its God dies, i shalt be here,waiting,yearning,hunting for the next that'll be so foolish as to build in my domain.​