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Jan 13, 2010
Nov 16, 2009
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Under the hedge
I put my left leg in. My left leg out. In, out, in

Crime Traveller

I'm a very short Elf, from Under the hedge

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Jan 13, 2010
    1. wanderingmagus
      hi! can we be friends? please? :)
    2. Ilaelin
      Lol...I do have all of them on the main game but not the downloadable content. And I don't mind playing it over it's more fun to play with a friend anyway!

      What's weird is I never played it. I'm pretty sure I have it so maybe we could play that too! GoW2 is pretty fun, especially horde, it really helps with the shooter skills!

      I'm gonna check on Divity 2, sounds interesting. Especially because F2 and Oblivion are two of my fav games! And believe me I'm right there with you in Geekdom!

      Nice to see you too! You'll have to let me know what your time schedule is like. So, we can get together once the ole xbox gets back! :D
    3. Ilaelin
      Lol...we've been through 4 xbox's I believe. But so far so good with the last two we got. We can definitely work on the coop achievements on Fable 2 if you want. You're like a mage you have all these untapped powers inside you that just reeks havoc on the modern world! ;)

      I really did like the LOTR games for the old Xbox like Two Towers and Return of the king. It would have been nice to play that as a coop RPG. And yes Oblivion would be amazing to be able to play that online. I have high hopes for the new one. All I know it better be good!

      Oh you must try Call of duty MW2. Brilliant game, how about Gears of War have you ever played that? I think we have one or more of the Battlefields games maybe I should try them. Hope you do go gold I'm sure you will enjoy it once you give it a chance!

      Same to you, hope this new year bring with it many good things for you and yours! Take care my friend!
    4. Furious Bunny
      Furious Bunny
      I wouldn't say you look young, exactly. More...unmarked. Like Bilbo. You don't own a ring do you?
    5. Ilaelin
      Happy New Year! Sorry I've been a sad excuse for a TFF friend! I just seem to be wrapped up in bloody Facebook, dumb!

      Oh, a new LOTR game? That sounds like fun! I'll cross my fingers and hope its good cos the last one sucked bad!

      Omg, nooooooooooooo not the RRoD. Can you send it in for repair? Ususally you have an extended warranty when it comes to that. It's ok that we never met up on xbox maybe one day. If not I promise to stop by more often.
    6. anonymous
      no problems :p
    7. anonymous
      are you interested in being cat? >.> in this TFF .. couse we have cat guild..upcoming one.. so new members are always welcome :d muhuahahaa
    8. anonymous
      no probs mate
    9. anonymous
      late welcoming :p
    10. Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Nomina Sunt Odiosa
      Happy Birthday, CT! Too bad you were born so close to Xmas!:hbday:
    11. Ilaelin
      You're very welcome! Let me know when you go gold! There are some fun coop things you can do on Fable 2! Cheers! :D
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    Under the hedge
    I put my left leg in. My left leg out. In, out, in
    I'm old and turning grey and am frequently filled to the gunwales with potent mixtures designed to rot livers. If you want to know more send me a fax on 666-666-666...

    I do loads of things, none of which I'm willing to tell you about. You can buy my autobiography if you care that much...


    Where's my cow?!!