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Sep 6, 2013
Mar 7, 2006
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Sep 6, 2013
    1. Padmé
      Hey htere, yeah we have a DS as well, I just love it. My mum gave me get DS Lite which was signed by the guy who does the Super Mario voice, so it will be worth something one day I hope! lol Going to be working at my mum's shop over the xmas holidays actually, cause we're going there for 6 weeks starting on Dec 1st. Concerning the banner, I'm sure I could put it together for you if you like, if you just pm me the pics I'll see what I can do
    2. Alchemist
      :D I'll let you know when/if I do:p thanks!
      Things are going....okay...
      How about you?
    3. Alchemist
      Hey, how have you been, really liking the profile layout :D
    4. Alchemist
      I'm liking it too. Dont have a use for the blog feature...but i like this part a lot lol
    5. Alchemist
      Heh, I'll give them a try then :D

      How are you liking the new TFF?
    6. Alchemist
      I started with FFVIX then VII. Havent played much of the ones before VII
    7. Alchemist
      heh. I wish I could just start playing...anything lol :p Thinking about selling some of my systems...

      Oh, i like your new avi!!!
    8. Alchemist
      I will, may have to start over...its been waaaaaaaaaaay to long. And I still dont feel like playing video games for some money seems to be wasted lol
    9. Alchemist
      Heh, I've never finished that one. I made it to the end..and had to stop playing for a while and never picked it back up.....and lately i havent even touched any video game for 2 months now...
    10. Alchemist
      Doing okay, had a rough month or two..but am doing good now. thanks. And you?
    11. Alchemist
    12. Anakin
      I think if you click on 'user cp' click on the option edit profile picture. You can then upload a picture or use a link to put it in. Personally I uploaded a picture to my gallery and used that link for my background
    13. Dragn9
      Been awhile Confessor, all good over here. Hope that's the same for you!
    14. Anakin
      I'm glad things are going well. You take care of yourself and I hope to hear from you in the future. xxx
    15. Anakin
      Hey, nice to hear from you. Yeah everything is going good. How are things going for you?
    16. Padmé
      Glad to hear you're doing better, Ced's doing better too, he was pretty ill the past week but now he's so much better which I'm glad about, last week was hellish. Going to be starting my second year of Dutch next week, looking forward to it :D
    17. Padmé
      Hey how are you doing?
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