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Sep 6, 2013
Mar 7, 2006
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Sep 6, 2013
    1. LadyoftheGoldenWood
      Hello; been back on the site for a while and I have not seen you around. Hope your doing well!
    2. Dragn9
      Awww...what's that saying again..."all work and no play...does something not so good" lol...
      Yeah, it seems as though all the really good threads have been buried under all the spam that has been going on lately, a pity really :( I haven't been logging on as often as well....Well I really hope you get that extra long weekend and break from work, it sounds like you really need it :D Take care as well Confessor!
    3. Dragn9
      Confessor!!!! Wow, I haven't seen you around in ages!! I am doing summer is awesome, I have been keeping busy, making the most of the sun while it lasts!!! How's your summer?
    4. Alchemist
      heh ^__^ you too.
      Things are...alright..odd..but alright lol
    5. Overread
      ooh now we have to see pics of those things! :)
    6. Ilaelin
      Happy Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful day! :D
    7. Padmé
      Hey there, doing ok thanks :) Had some pretty bad news a few weeks ago but starting to get used to the idea. Lewy? Well we see him a lot over at our two forums, spoke to him earlier in fact, think he and kleko aren't so interested in being here anymore. Same with kitty, she thinks it's too crowded here, we don't mind tho. What u been up to recently?
    8. JIM
      thanks again for my awesome set :)
    9. Anakin
      Yeah I'm fine, I've been healthy for a long time.
    10. I. R. Shogun
      I. R. Shogun
      pretty good, same old same old mostly. You?
    11. Ilaelin
      Yw! And I am good, I hope to be around more but we'll see. It seems like I turn around and weeks go by since I was able to post so hopefully I'll be around more! :)
    12. Ilaelin
      OMG, has it been that long since you sent me a message! I'm soooo sorry, it's been crazy around here lately. All is good here, kids are doing great and the baby is getting so big! I have to remember to update my photo albums someday soon! It's good to hear you are doing good! Take care and don't be a stranger! :D Btw, I luff your profile page!
    13. Dragn9
      All good here, I just had a long Thanksgiving weekend and I'm ready for a break from to hear you are well...and hopefully you do have a relaxing Thanksgiving. BTW....when is your Thanksgiving?
    14. Alchemist
      Hey, just swinging by to say "hello"
    15. LyannaWolfBlood
      Pretty good, how about you? :)
    16. LyannaWolfBlood
      Wow, I love the decor, it's great!!! :D
    17. Dragn9
      A shame indeed...well I have been really busy lately so I'm glad it hasn't been revived, wouldn't want to miss anything, then that would suck.
    18. Kenshin
      everything's well, little stressful but it's ok. How've you been? :)
    19. Padmé
      Hey no worries, glad that you liked it :)
    20. Dragn9
      Everything is awesome :D Good to hear from you...Sempai needs to be revived, that was fun.
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