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Jun 16, 2011
Oct 15, 2006
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clouded_perception, from Australia

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Jun 16, 2011
    1. Kaine999
      Hmn interesting, when I was younger I thought I would like to be a writer (amongst other things ofc) but only one thing stopped me, a little thing called talent.
      Hey if you are a science buff too have a look here, (it doesn't have the info, and Sevi started it mainly out of fear but it is in my view an interesting debate)
      I was studying up on the science behind this experiment, and found it more than interesting.
    2. Blackness
      Welcome back CP, we missed you ^^
    3. Kaine999
      I'm from a small town, outside of a big city, outside of Brisbane.
      Really i would have thought as a sales person you would earn some form of commission.
      So what do you do for hobbies or as a past-time? (besides TFF ofc)
    4. Kaine999
      Ahh interesting, but teaching? ouch, and I mean ouch, I can think of worse jobs, but only because I have a vivid imagination.
      R&D sounds like the most interesting, though slaes will probably get you a higher income.
      I want to be a military man myself.
      So which part of our great country are you from?
    5. Kaine999
      Well it does sound interesting. If I was gonna study though it would be along the lines of advanced physics, that is my only real interest in uni atm.
      For a living I am a professional liar, (salesman :D) I work for Dicksmith Electronics, pays not great, but it is passing the time, while I get fitter.
      So what do you want to do?
    6. Kaine999
      Meh, no bother, but the advantage to this is you can just leave a message, and I can get back to you when I am on, and people can read it too, so if you need help your best bet is just to ask.
      So what are you studying?
    7. Kaine999
      Hmn, I think they wanted to make it more interesting I guess, or they are doing it to get people back into the forum, which it has succeeded a wee bit, and even more New members I guess.
      It seems to be working though, we have had a few new members around of late.
      You can customize your profile page, just by scrolling up, it should be to the right of your personal pic.
      Any other questions you have about the format?
    8. Kaine999
      Well this is gonna be interesting to try and talk you through.
      The notifications are split, what I am typing to you is technically called a wall, it is a facebook feature, and hence is not a part of your inbox, if you are not on a fast connection you will have to wait for the whole page to load, and then notification should react much like the "quick links" dropdown menu.
      Also to make it easier, when you reply to this, click on the "view conversation" link right under my message, and respond there, because I can't see when you respond to this otherwise, or you could click on my pic and message on my wall, either way it does the same thing.
    9. clouded_perception

      This place tgot confusing while I was gone... what are "notifications" and why can't I click the word to get straight to my inbox?

    10. Kaine999
      Welcome back:D
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